New C&G Organelle Patches

Well i never!
Hell yeah! Can’t wait to give this a try tonight after work.
Cheers guys :slight_smile:

New patch Children of Sample check it out


Here’s a demo video of the Children of Sample patch!


really sick!
logical features too

Sweet new patch. Is there any way it could me made to record the sample it uses though, or share it from a sound.wav in another sampler patch or something? My setup is op-1, organelle, and sp-404 with computer only rarely being used to back up my op-1 tapes and load organelle patches. I have a million ways to record samples, but not sure how I’d get it into the children of sample patch …

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@uu8k Playing a sound file from a shared folder is fairly straightforward. Please check out this post: Editing "basic sampler" to be more than 2 seconds

Also, instead of using the sound file we provided, you can copy your own sound file to the Children of Sample patch folder on the USB drive. You can also have multiple versions of the patch, each with its own sound file (Children of Sample - Drums, Children of Sample - Cello, Children of Sample - Recordings I Made in College)

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Two new patches: Recorder and Stereo Rhythmicon

The recorder is a super simple sound file recording patch, no effects or craziness or anything, just record as many files for as long as you want, limited only by USB disk space. Press Aux once to start, once to stop. Recall the most recent 24 sounds with the keys.

The Rhythmicon patch is great for zoning out for a while.


Rhythmicon is gorgeousss!

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I cannot get the Recorder Patch to work. Is anyone else having difficulties, or am I missing something?

I just checked the posted version of Recorder and it is working for me. There are no sounds initially, so you will have to record something in order to hear any output. Also it is a stereo patch, so if you record only on the left channel, and listen to right channel you won’t hear anything.

I’ve always wanted something to do the Rhythmicon sound since watching a Theremin documentary. Thank you!

Demo Video of the Stereo Rhythmicon patch:


I know the Overloop patch was released a little while back, but here’s a demo video of it:


Is it possible to adjust a patch with a sequencer in Pd so that if the AUX button is pressed during playback it acts as an overdub like most modern loop pedals? I’d really like that option on some of the sequencer patches.


Just a little heads up in case some missed it - quite a few new patches have been posted up on patchstorage that went unannounced on here. Some cool stuff using a huge randomised waveform library.


New Patches!

Some things I’ve been sitting on for a while.

I started working on an analog modelling synth in the vein of an ms20 mini, minilogue etc. tonnes of parameters and a big project. Anybody interested in a collaboration? Ive got some functional ADSR objects and DCO and LFO things already.


I just downloaded roganelle and it is great! Missed the other two and can’t wait to try them out as well.

Woah, what you’re planning sounds amazing. I know @rawticks created some complex synth patches that sound amazing. Perhaps get in touch? I’m looking forward to trying these new patches of yours.

These are sounding great. Nice work!

So to be honest, I don’t exactly know what this is but it seems like it’d be very useful for some of the stuff on here!