New C&G Organelle Patches


oh, this is so, so, so, CRITTER & GUITAR! thanks for uniqueness :wink:


You keep bringing the good shit! X


New Patch: Zone
It’s a polyphonic wavetable synth that blends waveforms. Waveforms are presented in a quadrant on the Organelle screen. A movable cursor shows which waveform is selected. Control the X and Y position of the cursor and automate it with an LFO. The Aux/Foot Switch cycles through different groupings of waveforms and also controls the Latch function.
Requires OS 3.

Download from


Blimey! Can’t wait to try this out. :smiley:


Woah that looks awesome


394 247 bytes of Pure enjoyment!
A patch for all colours, all quadrants and this weekend :wink:

Oh, there is the wavestation and many stations on the Organelle.
Thanks! @chrisk @critter


Looks incredidope


it’s fantastic! i like how you can get a really slowly changing rhythmical sound from it.


New Patch: EnvelopeFx!
EnvelopeFX is a multi-effect patch. It uses the volume envelope of incoming audio to control effects! Knob 1 selects the effect. Knobs 2-4 are effect parameters.

We were inspired by @wo3’s knob sequencer to try our own! (Thank you @wo3!) You can automate effect parameters and store up to 24 automations (one for each keyboard key). Press and hold a key to record enable the automation. Turning a knob will start recording. Adjust all four knobs if you’d like. Press the same key to end recording and start looping your adjustments.
You can also sequence the automations with the Aux button/Footswitch. A long press will record enable. Pressing an automation key will start recording. Press the Aux/FS again to stop recording and start the sequence playback.
Download from


Cool patch! Been thinking of picking up an electric guitar to pair up with the Organelle, although haven’t played in years. What is the signal chain here? Guitar straight in or do you use a DI?


@ghostly606 Yeah - Electric guitar is pretty fun with the Organelle! In this video, the guitar is going straight in to the Organelle input.


it’s really ace!

i thought that a great adaptation would be if the programmed effect change (the knob twists) could be triggered by the start of the note coming in.


New: DJ Patch!
DJ Patch is a ‘beat-juggling’ sample looper. It places two independent playheads on one sample. Change the relative position and playback speed of the second playhead to the master playhead for phasing, echo, simultaneous forward & backward playback, and detuned effects! Load your own samples for customization!
Download here:


Yeeeah! This is sick. Very excited about how much this gfx engine can expand the Organelle :slight_smile:

I only need like 1 or 2 more Organelles…


Great patch! Any reason why there isn’t a third playhead? There’s a knob going spare…

Edit - My bad, I realise knob 2 is a cross fader, nice one!


This looks fun, thanks!

How hard would it be to mod this patch to enable sampling from the (oft neglected…) inputs and saving new patches? Looks like another to add to my ‘when I learn PD’ pile.

Haven’t had much time for organelle past few mobths and crazy how fast things have moved in the meantime. Feel like I’m gonna have to set aside a couple days to update os, explore the WiFi functionality, OKontrol stuff, possibly switch from USB to SD install if feels like something I won’t screw up, research/install the new libraries stuff and track down all the patches I’ve missed in meantime. Bit daunting tbh :confused:

For folks that don’t have much time to put in to that kind of stuff I wonder if C&G could host some ‘just copy this to your SD/USB card’ mega files?

Like simple drag/drop and boom, your organelle is up to date from all angles? Feels like something that might help a lot of the less PD/coder schooled user base?

Maybe I’m getting put off over nothing though and getting back up to speed isn’t as big a job as I’m thinking it will be. Will try to gather all the update material together over wknd and see how it goes.


Yep, what we need is someone to come up with a patch that replicates Organelle hardware.


If sampling was enabled on this I could sell my Octatrack lol. This is pretty much how i use it


Another great patch @chrisk , you are on a roll - I love the simple focused UI, just the vital controls, so hands on, so fun :slight_smile:


Second for sampling capabilities but awesome stuff regardless, i’ll Be using this a lot. Thanks!