New C&G Organelle Patches


@rmro + @lescour1 + @Generationloss

New Patch: DJ Patch Record!
Download here:
All of the functionality of the original DJ Patch (two independent playheads, crossfader, etc.) but now you can record your own samples and start getting weird right away.


@thetechnobear Thanks! Glad you like it!!


Ahh yes, something to get stuck into.


This is fantastic…really into this, thanks for adding the audio input I think it takes the patch to another level. Immediate and intuitive…great stuff!

I have to say my Organelle is surpassing my expectations.


I’m really liking this patch too!
I’m wondering if it would be possible to adjust the percentages by one percent increments instead of six percent. then you could really do some Steve Reich phase music type stuff.
also, was curious if it would be possible for this patch to save the recorded samples so next time the patch was opened, they could be re-used.


Have you tried using the save function in the organelles storage menu?


No, I haven’t. Thanks for the info. I’ll give that a try next time I use it :grinning:


@finallaptwin, yes, you can modify the patch playback speed percentages!


HI Chrisk!
I’m looking for the playback speed in the patch and I don’t find it. Could you pointed at me?


Point it, excuse my grammar.


@anttumad inside the subpatch called pd the two ‘decks’ is the math for playback speed.
Here are the objects for Knob3:

The math for Knob4 is also in that subpatch.


Allready tried it with amazing results @finallaptwin !!
Thanks for the king indication @chrisk !!!

Just changing the value in the box that is showing 0.0625 for a value of 4 (for example) in both knob3 and knob4 makes continuos magic landscapes appear.

Thank you for all this wonderful patches.


Never modified a patch before but I have to try the above. So for clarity I should change the value in question to 4 in order to get that Reich phase ?


Another question: what is the maximum record time/sample length?


@Black The best way is that you connect a monitor (via HDMI) and a keyboard to the Organelle so you can modify the patch and listen right away what happens.
The value 4 its an example, yesterday I tried all kind of conbinations changing the number in the objects that now are 62,32 and 0.0625.
You can modify and destroy the patch with no fear, if it stopos producing sound or whatever just load it again from the menu in the Organelle and fresh and new it will be!


Thank you for the reply I am definitely going in😂


if you remove the [int] you will have a higher resolution to decimals.

May be a good idea to keep [int] on the graphic display so it doesn’t blast huge floating points all the time.


Thanks for the tip. Have been trying pd for the first time and managed the my first synth patch stage.
So now I am trying to connect I’m organelle to my laptop so I can edit the dj record patch but my HDMI cable won’t go fully into the organelle slot.


This is the cable I am using.


@Black That HDMI cable looks fully inserted. HDMI plugs are typically a little longer than necessary to accommodate product enclosures of various thicknesses.