New Instrument Demo - ONDA - Live from Moogfest!


Check out the demo of our forthcoming instrument the ONDA. Recorded live at Moogfest:


CLUTCH THE PEARLS what a sneaky thing to do :heart_eyes:


I like the idea of the keys lighting up, its a great idea, great for UI feedback, also like the speaker and mic…awesome, when are you shipping? how much ? I want one :slight_smile:

I’m guessing no battery, but can use a usb powerbank, pity about no screen/encoder, but I assume its got HDMI on the back, so a perhaps use a small touch screen lcd display?
are those pots or encoders?

of course, my mind is focused on Orac, which already works on a rPI. Im just working on the display side (for config/setp) so that can come across, and it might give me more motivation to multi-core it… and definitely could use the lights on the keyboard - could be cool with Onda.

Id love some tech details, which linux distro and which codec are you using… sd card storage for patches I hope :wink:

anyway congratulations, looks like another fun C&G product…


Hi @thetechnobear! It does run on batteries!
No details yet RE: shipping, price, etc.!

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ah thats great… nice to return to the total portability of the past :slight_smile:


Onda? Wepa!


Eeeee - my favorite parts of the Pocket Piano and Organelle plus a step sequencer with light-up keys, more USB ports, built-in Wi-Fi… I JUST got the Organelle and I’m already GASing for this.

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Congrats on one more C&G instrument!!
ONDA… great name and that’s part of my native vocabulary for the summer!! Cant wait!! (for both that is :wink:

Insta photo… to get “enamorado”

edit: ahaha and spy on the back connections :wink:


does it run pd and supercollider? csound?

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Looks cool. Past few days I’ve been thinking how useful leds on keys would be in organelle so it’s funny to see this show up.

No screen though? Or are these prototypes? Personally would love to have seen the Organelle format expanded - slightly bigger screen, more knobs, led keys. This one feels a little reminiscent of TE going from Op1 > OPZ. Which felt like a kind of sideways step in some ways and confused me a little. I’m sure it’ll be great though and I’ll end up wanting one…

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Agree with this! love the (small) screen for a tiny bit of visual feedback, and also thought of the op-z–which I agree is a sidestep.

That being said this thing looks super fun.


Dunno, I think the screen can be a hindrance in many ways, trying to program complex patches spanning several pages when sometimes 4 (or 6!) knobs are enough. Going back to pocket piano simplicity? Look forward to watching this one develop!

It’s summer here pal! :sunglasses: :sunny:

(East coast of Scotland)

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ABSOLUTELY! :smiley:

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Definitely looks like an hdmi in the back so there may be an op z thing going on

Yeah agreed, simplicity often rules. But by the sound of it this thing loads patches, how do you browse and select a patch with no screen? Or remember what knob does what if it can load as varied an amount of patches as organelle? Or see current param values? Set up midi etc? Tethered like opz maybe? Possibly a ton of button shortcuts/combos? Both those options kind of defeat the aim of simplicity imho when a built in screen is optimal for these kind of things… Early days though and it looks like fun so congrats to C&G on it and hope it goes well :slight_smile:

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Damn. I bought an Organelle and received it yesterday.
Anyway I’d be curious to know if you can control the button leds with pure data and also if the pd patches will work both on onda and organelle.

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No idea how far this is away from retail, anyone?

Welcome to the forums!

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Thanks ! Really excited to be part of the user community. Can’t wait to make my own patches and share them. Need to learn PD, though, but as a maxMSP user that shouldn’t be too hard.