New Instrument Demo - ONDA - Live from Moogfest!


If you know Max you’ll be fine. Good stuff! :smiley:


I think the user interface defines the instrument, so I suspect the ONDA will be quite different to the organelle.

polybeats demo w/leds, must be ‘updated’ pd patch, so yeah its pd w/ led controllable.

the ONDA looses the iconic wooden keys, perhaps that’s why we have the wooden top surface? raises another question, are the keys velocity sensitive this time around? (i hope so)

Id be (pleasantly) surprised if C&G do BYOS (ala op-z), but its an option, and what im doing for the rPI anyway for orac.

oh, and small point…
it now has 16 keys along the bottom, much more useful for a step sequencer :slight_smile:


Oh reeeeeely SWEET


Welcome onboard. I’ve listened a lot your music :wink:


I knew that people here must have good taste !:wink:


ahah old “friend” MIDI Program Change :wink:
No screen on Axoloti, not the end of the world; diferent mind set I suppose :wink:

Yeah I hope so too, but?? maybe not…or maybe yes?
Also better I/O, codecs? S/N ratio?

Ohh those tiny knobs… :cry:


Looks great,can’t wait to see more,I only hope it doesn’t rely on a mobile phone/tablet as a screen,I like to get away from them when jamming.


dont worry too much about that, they look like ones you can fit ‘proper’ caps on
(and perhaps C&G plan too, unless this is planned ‘budget’)


The opportunity of keys displaying value and function is a bigggg deal! Nice one c&g looking forward to learning more about this box. Expanded keyboard also awesome. Very intrigued by the in/outs too. Looks like a lan port? Maybe I’m imagining things. Bless up owen n Chris! Enjoy moogfest.


That’s the end of the raspberry pi, no… and 4USB…


rPI3 does have an ethernet port that end, and 4 usb :slight_smile: (and built in wifi)
then on the back you can see (from the pi as well) headphone, hdmi, and usb device port (inc power),
then looks like there is stereo in/out and i guess pedal, like organelle… I think the other black dots are possible screws/case fixings? … but hard to tell on photo.

Im a bit surprised if they use the headphone jack from the pi though, as id assume they have a separate codec of much higher quality (not hard) than the pi…
if thats the case… then one of the jacks is headphones, so are they using TRS line out now?
need better photo :slight_smile:


@FiFac @Generationloss @healthylives there will not be any screen tether thing


Cool. That’s good news, not down for the BYOS thing. Dig the way you’ve used the Led keys for level metering, excited to learn more about this box.


This sounds awesome. Need any beta testers? :yum:


some more details about the ONDA:

The main idea of the ONDA is to lower the barrier of entry for artists, musicians, educators, experimenters and hackers who want to wade into real time music programming.

…so it will be priced below the Organelle, although we don’t know exact pricing at this time. (and for what it is worth: we don’t have a release date)

The ONDA is not meant to replace the Organelle. It is a branch on the Critter & Guitari tree (not pole). We are still excited about the Organelle’s potential, especially the new developments around the Orac system!

As the ONDA hopefully draws more users into the fun of making patches, it is also a way for us to experiment with ideas for future instruments…

Some other specs:

  • Runs on 4 AA batteries. Using rechargeable batteries gives over 4 hours play time… this will obviously also depend on CPU load and speaker volume.
  • 3 watt built in amp and speaker
  • Based on Raspberry Pi 3 which provides quad core 1.2 GHz processor, 4x USB, * Ethernet, HDMI and WiFi
  • WM8731 audio codec
  • 1/8" stereo headphone out
  • 1/8" stereo line in / out
  • Built in mic
  • Switch on back for mic or line in selection
  • Switch on back for speaker on/off
  • 5 knobs
  • 1 volume knob
  • 26 key illuminated keyboard (not velocity sensitive)
  • 2 illuminated auxiliary buttons
  • 1 additional ‘shift’ button
  • PWM LED controller, each LED key has 256 RGB values controllable from Pd
  • probably other things I’ve forgotten! Thanks for all the enthusiasm and support!

probably other things I’ve forgotten! Thanks for all the enthusiasm and support!

EDIT : sorry I’m having posting problems and deleted the previous one by mistake…


thats nice… love the fact its portable with speaker/mic, and the led keys are going to be fun for interface design, keys are a nice original touch… we’ve seen led pads on grids, but not on keys before :slight_smile:

can it powered thru the pi3’s usb port ?

good luck with your presentation tomorrow, and enjoy moogfest.

(I’m hoping we can pick it up the presentation on a livestream… or get a recording later)


Very excited for this,GAS kicking in already!!!


congrats c&g! this looks great fun!

on a similar realm, I’ve been using my qunexus with organelle and see huge potential. not 16 buttons at the bottom sadly :wink:

also not happy about the volca style knobs, but if they could be upgraded easily that would be win win.


The volca knobs are essentially bare pots and you can put any kind of knob you like on them, if these are same then definitely easy to customise!


While this might be true, spacing is likely often an issue though.