New Instrument Demo - ONDA - Live from Moogfest!


I would assume the ONDA is partially to satisfy the needs of battery users and built in speaker cravers now that Pocket Piano is mostly retired. The phrase Organelle v2 surprised me cuz it’s the perfect instrument, for me anyways. Never crossed my mind!

Lit keys on Organelle could be cool. I like portable playing, but for the most part I use the Organelle on a keyboard stand with amplifier anyway. Will ONDA have a power adapter option as well as battery?

If there is an update I’d like to see it would be an Organelle screen on the ETC! I would also go crazy for a C&G video mixer. That might be complicated AF, so will have to save up for a v-1hd or older model like the panasonic one. I’m surprised at how quickly those move on ebay.


thanks for more insights @oweno

can we assume the ‘knobs’ are potentiometers not encoders? (look like it from the picture)

wonder if we could have a ‘wipe clean’ face plate …
(not sure Im going to want to have a new faceplate for every patch i might use :wink: )

hmm, going to need to think about this some more… I think this still fits with some ideas I have.
(in fact the simplicity might make it easier!)

Id guess it will power thru the rPI, so you can use a 2.1a usb power supply.


Facepalm; Faceplates… I looked many times at those 6 tabs :wink:
Lately I’m no stranger to “removables” - OG knobs; Joué silicon modules…

Yep! thumbs up! @oweno @chrisk


Switching faceplates sounds great,would it be possible to include a couple of extra faceplates in the box,maybe evan one made of the same white plastic as the enclosure so we could use wipe clean markers as thetechnobear suggested?


Heck even a metal faceplate for attaching magnetic letters or a clear one would look quite funky…wow my brain is ticking away now…


Dymo Embossing Labelmaker will be our friend :smiley:


Already got one and used heavily on my gear! :slight_smile:


Yes, that is right, pots not encoders.

I’ve been looking around for white board material in the right thickness, would be great with dry erase markers during patch development!

yep, It can use a standard USB Raspberry Pi adapter as well.


SOOOO many questions but most importantly :wink: … when (roughly) were you thinking of making these available for sale?


@ghostly606 We don’t have pricing or a release date at this time. Please stay tuned.


Stay tuned I will! :smiley:


ooh, ahhh.


Do we have a full spec of the new C&G baby?
DOes it run pure data? Is there or is there not a screen?
Does it power my USB coffee maker?


Haha had to google it. And lookeee what we have here! :smiley:

(sorry to go ever so slightly off topic! :wink: )


Can’t believe how impatient I am to find out more about the the Onda. Price, availability etc…
I’ve not owned any C&G stuff yet, but have had half an eye on them since the Kaleidoloop pencil dropping videos. Have been tempted by the Organelle, but I dislike having to use external battery packs to make stuff portable, plus I find it kind of um aesthetically challenging. The finish sort of reminds me of an old Vestax CD deck I was pleased to see the back of. e0008294_2349533



Huh, that cd deck looks dope to me!


Any news on when the ONDA might be available?


Just wanted to bump this thread,any news on release date etc. ? cheers


imagine a faceplate that could become a whole screen which you could program words/info/animations onto for patches