New Patch: Etch a Synth

This is an additive synth I’ve been building as my first patch. I added a way to draw a waveform like an etch a sketch. Use the aux button to control the sequencer as well as swap between the drawing page and the parameters page (extra harmonics, transpose, attack, decay)

Let me know if you like it and suggestions or advice would be appreciated!

Here’s a link to the download on patch storage.


Btw there’s a bit of an issue at startup, the initial menu doesn’t actually function but if you just swap to the Synth parameters menu (aux+c#2) it functions happily

Working on an update to clean up some bugs and add some features. If you guys have any cool ideas that could help or send me down a rabbit hole lmk!


Hi :v:

i guess it’s tricky for a first patch, but it must be a good way for learning :wink:

i tried 1.0, had some trouble poping up infos but it works by pressing aux as you said, still feels a little buggy, i like the idea of a sketch synth, i think it’s redundant with the Drawave patch though (witch is great but also needs a little work to be compatible with the M), did you notice it…? (there’s no licence indication on it, so it may not be allowed to work on it but it would be great, as it’s the purpose of open-source, i would ask him to maybe try to mod it instead of starting from scratch, but you decide!)


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Oh man I hadn’t even seen that! I’ll probably continue with mine and clean up bugs as I can because I’m having a good time learning with it. I’ll also add more comments and make it run smoother soon hopefully!

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the built in Sequencer and the Harmonics knob are good ideas, good luck and keep on patching! :v:

Thank you! Also I wanted to add sequence recording for the knobs. Also fixings the knobs so they only change values once you return to their current value

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Been a bit so I uploaded the current state of my etch a synth patch (linked above). I cleared a bunch of issues out as well as adding in wavetable presets and a really cool stereo delay.

Lemme know what you think I should add/do different/remove!

Agh the preset waveforms are broken, if anyone knows how to make arrays keep their memory I could use a little help

I figured out how to properly save the waveforms in text files so now the presets will remain after closing the patch

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Gonna upload new version soon, working on morphing between waveforms

Got waveshaping working!!! Added a page called morph. From there you can choose a waveform to morph with, the speed of the waveform changing, turn the morphing on/off and the last parameter adjust how many cycles between when the waves morph (this will hopefully be updated to a steps value to choose how many times the waveform will update until it reaches the morph waveform)(sorry if those words don’t make much sense I’m trying haha)

New update! also a way better demo video!


great patch and improvements! But sometimes the screen disappears and aux button stops working so I have to restart the patch. Do you know what could be happening?

I’ve had that happen a few times too, I think the metronome loop might be breaking causing the waveforms to overflow and bug everything out, been trying to figure out what causes it exactly though

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