New patch: Mellowtron


Not sure if this matters or not.
But I did notice the following folders have 2 ._.DS_Store files
Combined Choir

The following only have 1 of the ._.DS_Store files

And the rest of the following have none.

Again, not sure if that would make a difference or not. Just an observation.


Guys, i seriously borked something, sorry for the inconvenience. I’m investigating :slight_smile:


ok, it looks like the upload mechanism did weird things to my zips… So i’ve uploaded it elsewhere, see this post.


Just tried it out! Working like a charm and sounding great!


Been getting a lot of use of this patch lately.
I’d love attack and tape warble settings.
It’d also be great if it integrated the simple sequencer (maybe moving the sound select to a knob).


Love these sounds!
Noticed something weird re: midi and this patch.
Currently, I the organelle as a midi hub. My Digitakt sends trigs on channel 14 to the Organelle, and Channel 16 through the organelle which routes the trigs to another synth via channel 16.

For all my patches this works flawlessly, except with this one, it seems no matter what channel I send the notes on from the Digitakt the organelle doesn’t just pass along but also plays them.
I a/b’d a bit and made sure my other patches weren’t doing this and they were not.

I also tried added a to the Mellowtron folder as well as the patch subfolder its in, to no avail.

Any suggestions?


I looked at the patch today and to be frank the patch seems to have a few issues. One of them is that it uses two midi inputs. Not sure if earlier versions of the Organelle OS made a difference between an external midi keyboard and the input coming from the Organelle itself, but I’m pretty sure that’s what’s causing your problem. (It seems to be limiting the patch to 3 voice polyphony as well)
I am currently reworking the patch for my own purposes and I could post my version if anyone is interested. (Already added tape warble :slight_smile: )


Yes, I just ran into the same midi inconsistency with this patch too so I removed the notein object - it seems it’s there mostly to support the pitch bend wheel? After removing that object the patch seems to work just fine following the global midi settings that all the other patches adhere to.


oh, yes! interested!


very interested too !


I’ve deleted the old one to avoid confusion!


Where can I find the original sounds to add into the folders?? Also this machine is incredible and this forum is too. :smiley:



So here’s my version:

The patch is not yet optimized for the Organelle keyboard… (work in progress) Suggestions & feedback are welcome!


Can’t wait to try the new one, definitely one of my most used patches.


I’m guessing this is mainly geared towards using a midi keyboard at the moment?

It might be a good to warn people about that before they delete the old one. That way they can still have the other that changes Octaves and such. Just a thought.


There was a notorious “stuck key problem” in the old patch: If you would switch octaves while playing you would get stuck keys (no off message sent). I think I just found a workaround and will be posting it with the patch. Though I do hate wasting a knob.

Concerning warning people: I tend to forget that the Organelle has a it’s own keyboard and I fear my patches reflect that. Then again I did state it’s work in progress… But yeah, good point. :slight_smile:


Added an octave selector and I think the patch should be good to go. If nobody finds any bugs or problems, I will change the status of the patch from “work in progress” to “ready to go”…


works like a charm, thank you very much, the little bugs were really annoying.

one suggestion though, having the choice of the bank on a knob, then validate it by the aux button.
to prevent loading a full “circle” of bank to get the bank you want.

the envelope selector is very handy.
I don’t feel much of the tape effect…

thanks again :slight_smile:


Sounds fantastic. Also, I don’t want you to think I was berating or belittling the work you put into this. It was just a minute observation I made. I hope no offense was taken.