Newb question about midi, sync and multiple instruments

Currently playing with 2 other musicians. Mostly electronics + drums and bass.
We are all quite new at the electronic game and have basically zero knowledge of syncing, midi, etc.
I’d like to know if it would be possible to sync the following instruments to Ableton or something else that would act as a midi clock so that when we all go crazy on arps it’s not a big mess.
We are using:
-Korg Minilogue
-Nord Stage Lead 2

  • MPK225
    What would we need?
    Thanks a lot.

Vast topic: sync.

Starting with latest and coolest way = Ableton link

  • Ableton LIVE itself support
  • Organelle (with Wifi stick) support
  • don’t think the other support it (Nord Stage Lead 2 / MPK225

Computer running Ableton LIVE would have to have a MIDI DIN interface and feed MIDI clock to
Nord Stage Lead 2 and MPK225.

Pros= AB LIVE and Organelle can “control” tempo and start/stop.

Here, you have to consider a Master device (all others will be slave)

Hope this is a pointer, experiment with different setups, its also a creative process.
More info maybe as to the “roles” each instrument/device have?