Nk-seq8 - 8 step sequencer on Korg Nanokontrol2

A three channel 8 step sequencer controlled by the Nanokontrol 2.

– 2 monosynths based on the Analog Style C&G patch
– Separate control over volume, pan, decay, filter and delay parameters
– grds drum sequencer (although don’t think it’s in sync properly…)
– Reverb on master output

Also included in the .zip file is a .nktrl_data file for uploading the scene to your Nanokontrol 2 using the Kontrol software.

Play turns the sequencer on / off. The “S” buttons trigger synth 1 and the “R” buttons trigger synth 2. The knobs and sliders change the note on synth 1 and 2 respectively. You can change the step length of synth 1 by pressing the “M” buttons.

The maple keys transpose the sequence.

Lots of improvements planned. :smiley:



This is exceptional!

I’m at work right now and so excited to go home and try this out!

Thank you for your hard work!

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Thanks! Any feedback / suggestions welcome. I think it would really benefit from having two different synth voices rather than both using the Analog Style one.

Do I need a Nanokontrol to run this patch?

Essentially yes due to the mappings used. The Nanokontrol is needed to:

  • Run the sequencer
  • Turn step triggers on and off
  • Change the MIDI notes for each step

You could use another controller such as a Novation Launchcontrol but you’d need to change some of the mapping settings.

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I’m having trouble getting anything out of this. I believe I’ve managed to change the scene on the NK and the device is recognised by the Organelle but nothing happens when I try to play something in the patch.

Is there anything I should checking?

Do the middle “M” LEDs on the Nk2 move when you press play? If so, select a step by pressing an “S” or “R” button and a note should sound and you’re good to go. If not then maybe you’ve not selected the Nk2 as the input device? Or have it set to wrong channel on the Organelle?