Nori Sampler Loop Help changing the modulation knob for a latch function

Hi, I’m new inn pure data.
Anyone can give some light in how to change the modulation knob in Nori Sampler Loop for a latch function so the key can also sound continuosly?


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A couple of patches including the ‘Shoogazer’ patch uses a knob to control a binary function. Perhaps you could take a look at the latch function on the ‘Arpeggiator’ patches and do a bit of experimentation combining elements from both and see what works? [/non pd expert advice]

Thank you!
I tried that some weeks ago and I failed…hahahhaha
Never before in Pure Data, I’ll try again.

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hi there,

Well, i’m pretty newbie on this pure data stuff also.

Does anybody knows any good tutorial to change some config of existing patches ?

I’d love to have latch on those patches

  • chords roll
  • combonelle
  • minimoog
  • reganelle
  • arpeggio synth
  • stereo rythmicon
  • waterfall ( wave only )

thanks guys, always