Number 36 has landed!

Just got my Organelle and aside from it being significantly lighter in weight than I had imagined, it is incredible. Can’t wait to tinker with some pd ideas. Just playing the OP-1 looped through it and back into the Op-1 and its stunningly simple and clean. It massively inspires creativity. 36 is mine and is going nowhere.

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That is great! Have fun!

Have you been running an audio effect patch on your Organelle to process sound from the OP-1?

Mainly running OP-1 into Arpeggio Sampler and then back out to the OP-1 for more mangling. But I was also earlier running the Analog Synth patch into the OP-1 tape and looping it and overdubbing. It’s really and endless amount of fun.

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Number 3 just made it to me. Awesome piece and nice solid build. Thinking of using it already on a live gig on Saturday :wink:

Number 3, I’m impressed! Just got number 53 here.

Yeah… I got mine a week ago and it is number 200 something…

Number twelve here! Booyah, can’t wait to get some patches going!

i’ve got 11 and @taylor12k has 13… we were wondering who got lucky no.12

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I think I am glad then with 63. It is also some sort of “lucky number” for me. But, this is another story… :wink:

Greetings from Cologne / Germany.

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