Here is a Sampler of sorts

It has 8 flavors

Channel 1 is the raw input
Channel 2 is a Zack Settel nSlam Super Flanger
Channel 3 is a Sample&Hold
Channel 4 is Buffer Tweaker
Channel 5 is a Varispeed effect
Channel 6 & 7 are Samplers for Panning R&L
Channel 8 is a harmonizer with Random tones

The idea is you sample an incoming stream by pressing 83/82 stops the feed into the buffer if you don’t stop it it writes over it after 5 second

This one is too complex for a how to it’s going to need a video.

Nympphonie will give you a Left Field 'Prince of Denmark/Vril Giegling Abstract Ambient vibe

if you want it

it sound good if you run Techno into it .

It’s a BETA right now


it’s complex for sure. it makes some ace sounds. I’m just not sure how i’m getting those sounds.


I’ve been putting stuff through this every day and I’m still getting the hang of it haha

Great work once again!

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glad you are digging it

If you do make a demo video for it or updated versions, I’d love to see it. I’m having trouble getting signal from the sampler. After playing with it for awhile, I can usually get a driving bass beat, but I’m unsure where it’s coming from

I’ll try to set a video up this weekend if i can