ON Button not working

My ETC has just arrived and I’m currently trying to get it to work with my Apple monitor (which doesn’t appear to work) and after powering down (following the instructions) by pressing the On/Off? button I want to boot it back up but when I press the On/Off? button again it doesn’t turn on, I have to take out the power cord from the back and put it back in to turn it on again.
Is mine broken? Am I doing something wrong? Only find mention of plugging in the power cord to turn it on at the start of the manual?
Seems a bit strange to have an On/Off button that doesn’t turn on!

That is correct, the button is really just a shutdown button. To turn it back on you must reapply power.

Oh I see! Would it be possible with a firmware update to make it an actual ON button?

Or would this be impossible?

Seems a bit strange to have a power button that can turn the ETC off but not on!
If I don’t want it to be on with the rest of my gear then I’ll have to unplug the power cord and then plug it in every time I want to use it?