Orac 2.0 default drum how to turn off

how do you turn off the default drum in Orac 2.0? driving me a bit wild. thanks :slight_smile:

Are you talking about the default presets ? You could just delete them :wink:

immediately upon opening Orac 2.0 there’s a constant drum beat. I haven’t even been able to get through learning to use Orac because I can’t even figure out how to turn this off, lol

I can’t remember if it’s either demo 1 or 2 . I think a1 (push the encoder in + press the lowest c button) will open the sequencer called euclids? If it is that one turn the probability down to 0. Will have a look later though.
Basically depending on what patch is in s1 (press the encoder and c#) it should be (parallel or serial) will determine how audio is processed in orac.
Parallel: group a 1, 2, 3 (c d e) + group b 1, 2, 3 4 (f g a b) + group c 1, 2, 3 (c d e).
Each group can contain something different like
A1 sequencer
A2 drums/synth
A3 fx

B2 synth/sampler
B3 synth 2
B4 fx

Serial: one long line from c to c

yes, that’s a defaut preset
u could delete it or do what @Fuzzy_spacebear said.

thanks so much for all this info! once i get some free time i’ll get back into Orac and follow your instructions.

Hi All - brand new to Organelle & ORAC. Have read quite a bit but getting pretty confused. I’m not so good with videos in terms of grasping concepts and how tos - much prefer a manual.

Here too I’ve got this drum beat that won’t stop! Fun for a few minutes BUT … I’m still not clear what to do to ‘switch it off’.

Above it suggest deleting the preset - Mmm how? Where is the preset? What is it called? And how do you actually delete it?

Also I’m not getting what Fuzzy_spacebear suggests. I press tne encoder as S1 get a screen that says ‘Parallel’, no Euclids? The screen disappears and never to be seen. Subsequent presses of encoder and S1 do nothing - drum beat still going!

Any help here much appreciated

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