Orac 2.0 -- Deleting presets

Kudos again to TechnoBear for this fine piece of work!

One inquiry – how does one delete (permanently) a preset?

I removed the offending directories under data/orac/presets, but the entries continue to appear in my preset list.

A quick look at the root directory manifest.txt file shows evidence the presets are somehow still present, but I hesitate to simply remove the lines since I’ve no idea how the file functions.


Do not delete anything (presets/samples) in /Patches/orac , it’s not used post installation.

You need to edit/rename/delete

presets : /data/orac/presets
samples : /media/samples

Note: preset list is loaded at startup of orac so you will need to reload orac to see changes

Worked gangbusters (after a quick reinstall, just to fix any damage I may have done)
Thanks so much!

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