Orac 2.0 : How to make a Macro?

Would anyone explain step by step how to assign a Macro to a parameter ? I’ve tried many things, no success.
What I want to achieve is save a preset, and control 4 chosen parameters across chains with the 4 knobs. It’s what Macros are made for, aren’t they ?

Also, as a side question, is it possible to assign the Aux key to a parameter ? (for On/Off parameters, or toggle between 0 and a given value)

Thanks !

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hi :wave:

#1 load the Macro module (into slot m1 / m2 / m3)
#2 go to the page/module where the desired parameter is located
#3 activate “Mod Learn”
#4 turn the desired parameter (just need to make the value move)
#5 select the Macro module
#6 turn the desired macro (same thing)
#7 desactivate “Mod Learn”

Many Thanks.
I was trying to do this with Rngs, and apparently this particular module is buggy so for instance mapping Pitch to a macro would stuck its value to -34st or something like that.
Tried with another synth and it works as expected.
One note then : when adjusting a Macro’s “offset”, that would be nice to hear the result as you adjust it. No you have to go back to Macro Page 1, move the knob fully ccw to hear the new “starting” point of the knob.

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Also, how do I ‘unmap’ a Macro ?

Mapping LFO is also very confusing.
I end up very easily mapping the LFO to one of its parameter… That would be nice to protect from doing this.

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i don’t know about Rings but i know Mod assignation doesn’t work with every parameters, but should work with most of them.

i’m not sure about how to unmap, for Macro i think it works by removing the module, and for LFO i think the value needs to reach 0% when Mod Learn is ON

i agree it’s sometimes confusing…

Thanks. It’s far from being intuitive indeed.

As far as I recall you can unlearn a parameter modulation by turning ON ‘mod learn’, heading to the original module (e.g. lmnts) and turning the undesired parameter (e.g. space) to the leftmost position. Then turn ‘mod learn’ OFF.

An Orac manual for all this is what is really needed. But that’s a lot of typing for one man (@thetechnobear) to do. Where’s that wiki page gone? Is it still knocking around?

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as others have said…
making the ‘learn value’ zero = unlearn


as Ive mentioned elsewhere, whilst I actually like the simplicity of learn (esp. with midi),
Ive pretty much decided Im going to replace it with a mod matrix for the next orac release.
a mod matrix, whilst a bit fiddly (and whyI didn’t start with it) has many advantages, particularly that I can allow for multiple modulation sources to hit one target (and sum them), and also to allow the modulation to be attenuated per target.
finally, it will not update the display… so that also will make it slightly more efficient.
(of course, modulating rapidly always has a cpu overhead dependent on the target)

but at the moment, Im pretty busy with other things, so not quite sure when my focus will turn to this.


I love mod matrixes ! Thanks for confirming.

That’s brilliant news. In my use case (at home just fiddling around trying to find usable sequences and sounds to record into my DAW) - i rarely use the modulation functions to their ‘full extent’ - usually just have a couple of lfo’s sent to synth or effect paramaters) I think a mod matrix would be really really cool if you get the time for it. Going deeper without getting lost. :smiley:

using the aux key, turning the knob, and releasing it to go back to the original value would be a game changer :slight_smile:

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