Orac 2.0 - Modulator Learn AND Un-Learn

Are there instructions --or better yet, a video – showing how to do both modulator learn AND unlearn in the organelle for orac 2.0?

I can’t seem to find “documentation” on it anywhere, not even Mark’s videos (for Un-learning Modulators)…It’s a big sticking point for me currently, as well as saving and recalling presets in Orac.

Help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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I have to admit (and have readily acknowledged in the past) modulator learn is a bit of a pain…
Ive described this process before (im sure its on this forum somewhere)

the underlying principle/mechanism is identical to midi learn/unlearn… so make sure you are clear on how to use on midi first (as its much more obvious… particular unclear)

so the principle is…
a) setup a modulator e.g. LFO , but be VERY sure it doesn’t hit zero (at this time!)
b) turn off ALL other modulators
c) navigate to module / page you want to modulate
d) activate modulator learn
e) turn param you want to modulate
f) de-activate modulator learn

you have to do this very precisely…
you can see that this is the same as midi learn, but the ‘issue’ is, you can’t easily start/stop the modulators, so it’s very easy when you are in ‘learn mode’ to accidentally start modulating other things.

again unlearn is the same a midi unlearn- it works on the principe that the if a modulator hits ‘zero’ it will unlearn that parameter.

as Ive said previously, this was a ‘quick implementation’ (due to using the same mechanism id already had for midi), and whilst it worked whilst I was testing it for single parameters… i realised as I came to release it was easy to get into confusing states when you used it with more parameters.
but it was too late to do anything at that stage … so choice was leave it in, or remove it totally.

I knew even then, that I wanted to replace it with a mod-matrix solution - but that requires a lot of changes in the code - as the UI its pretty complex (layers of module selection -> parameters)… I just need time to actually implement it :wink:

I don’t know what your issue is with save/recall presets - thats works as described afaik.
(again perhaps search forum, I know some people had issues, which I cleared up the misunderstanding on)


Thank you very much for your speedy response Mark @thetechnobear

I’m still a bit unclear though. When you say that making a modulator “hit zero” do you mean to get the Rate (Amount?) of the modulator to zero when Mod-learn is enabled? I’ve tried variations on this, when I’ve learned a parameter, and wish to “break the connection”, I’ve tried to make all parameters of the modulator go to zero. But what this does, is momentarily disable the modulator, because it is at zero. If I were to tweak these parameters, then it would just get back going again.

In eurorack terms, I need to “remove the cable!!!” =)

Apologies if this is a bit silly. I’ve tried scouring the forums but haven’t been able to find an answer.

Also, I appreciate that you are looking to revise this function, and want to thank you, and congratulate you for some awesome work with the ecosystem that you are creating.

Hoping to hear from you, or perhaps another user who can explain this.


no i mean the VALUE hits zero. (with mod learn enabled)

as i said, imagine this on midi it was quite simple … you simply turned your knob that sent a CC to zero, and viola the midi was unlearnt.

but thats kind of the problem with modulators it’s not really so ‘obvious’ to set to zero.

iirc (not tried in a while) , if you let an LFO modulate over the full range (so touch zero) , I think it will unlearn, and then not relearn immediately (when it goes above zero)

I’ll be honest though, i don’t really use this much… Ive not really had to unlearn things often, and if I have (and its on a complex patch) then i have simply edited the preset file :wink:

as I said, its far from ideal… but unfortunately the alternative needs a complete revision to the UI (*) , so it’s not a ‘quick fix’ like a bug.

(*) the modulating code wouldn’t really need changing, but if i was to change the UI id probably add other things which are missing (like modulation amount)

Excellent Mark @thetechnobear !

I think this definitely covers it!