Orac grds/drums

This may be a silly question, but I am not sure how grds is supposed to be working with edrum to get good sounds. If I set grds as the first module in a chain followed by edrum, the snare sounds kind of light and quiet and changing the parameters on the third page of grds doesn’t seem to do anything.

Is the simplest way to get some nice sounding drums out of grds in orac to replace the sounds of edrum in puredata? I guess I’m mostly curious about what others are doing to get the most out of orac in the way of a drum machine.


You could chain it with a sampler, where you put your ownn favorite drums sounds.

grids sends out ‘notes’ to the next thing in the chain.
e-drum was from the original pd grids patch by spoitras , I just moved it to a module… it only responds to the first 3 notes. but as @TonyLB says you can instead use any other sound generator.

new to this orac grids module is the it sends out accents on separate notes, following the main kick, snare, hats , but e-drum does not support these. I think this is why page 3 appears to do nothing with edrum.
( iirc I might just be wrapping this back to the first 3 sounds)

it would be good to extend e-drum, as i think having a more comprehensive drum synth could be cool.
perhaps this is best done using one of the MI modules source code, as I think a couple have an FM drum synth which would be very cool.