Orac How to route line in Signals to the output?

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I’m having a problem using Orac with Line in Signals. I see the Signal on the Display of the Organelle but what do I have to do do route it to the output?

It works perfetcly when I put a Synth voice trough some efx but when i use the Line and try to process it with the sam efx it don’t get nothing on the output.

Do I have to route them in a specific way, oder what am I missing? I’m pretty new to all this…

Cheers, dom

Need to navigate to the router page and set input gain levels, they are set at 0% by default to negate any background hum from unused inputs.


thanks for answering. I tried to find the router page but don’t really know what it is? can you help me out with that?
Ist it within the pd patch, or in the organelle menu?

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There are 2 router “modules” in ORAC named Parallel and Serial that are made for slot S1 / S2 (C# / D#), when you select one of these modules you can navigate thru pages (with the encoder or keys) to access routing settings for each module or chain, for example : select Parallel on slot S1 / S2 then press the F# key (on the second octave) to set the line input to go thru chain A, or press the A key (still on the second octave) to set it to go thru chain B, etc…

Here’s a picture of the Serial module page (on key F# 2) to set the input volume :


I think I got it now. Thanks a lot.

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