Orac module ideas/already exist?

Standard request but an sp404 vinyl sim/wonky BOC type effect module would be cool… Can possibly build one already with the available modules but for convenience and easy tweaking it’d be great to have it inside of one module.

So - a thought from the night :slight_smile:

poking about in orac, organelle and mutable source code yesterday gearing up for a few of my own orac modules…

it occurs to me that having the chains come together in a Mutable frames mixer


might be very exciting!

(obviously the ‘coming together slot’ could be any mixer - and I guess you already have implicit mixing in there? so even just having an explicit mix module could be kind of useful - or can you midi control the levels of the chains anyway? not explored that part yet )

don’t know if that’s an easy or hard thing right now but thought I’d put the idea out there!


Yes, one can already midi map master volume IN and OUT and individual module main volume; all this (and midi Thru) on the routing modules.

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Sounds like a custom router module to me, based on frames (saying this without actually having looked at the inside of router modules)

Sure would be ace!

(Would be way cool to have some sort of touch strip input for each of the four channels which always reflect the levels)

Is it possible to make a “recording” sequencer (like the “aux” in Analog Style) that is quantized, with options for both total length and subdivisions? Would love this.

If modules (or patches for that matter) like this exist already, please do tell (there are so many great patches AND modules at this point it’s hard to stay on top of it all!)

edit: I did find a patch, while not a “recording” style sequencer, that is pretty great called 16 step drum sequencer (by @callmesam - ty for making this, really cool and incredibly useful, the interface, simplicity… this is just a great patch :smile:)

“Punchy” maybe?
It works a little like a Keystep: press and hold aux (record), play the notes (each note is a step), hit aux, hit a key to start the sequence (one shot or loop if I remember correctly).
A few weeks ago there were two “punchy” modules, “Punchy”, and “Punchyl” with more steps, made by Wyrdal: Orac : module developers guide

Hopefully not too complicated to convert to Orac …
Ah, just realised you talking about midi recording. I’d love this too, like a quantised midi ‘I take up’.

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@Saki_Ciselas - that’s a good idea to look into Punchy (and Punchy!). I didn’t think about it before but I wonder if I could generate rests by using notes that are out of the audible range (I’ll have to look into exactly how the puncy modules work, never tried this on the original C&G patch).

@Wannop - yes! both a midi record quantized module and an audio record quantized module would be amazing - it looks like they’re coming soon in patch versions anyway so yes - hopefully conversion to modules won’t be too tricky!

Anyone know of a sampler module for orac that can hold 24 samples?
Thought sampler 24 would but it’s 12x2 (very useful considering the nature of polybeats)
Is there a one-shot sampler module for orac that holds more?
Or maybe there’s a simple way to mod it to hold 24 @thetechnobear

I’m happy to share these samples I made from the korg volca beats if anyone wants.
They are nicely trimmed, cross faded, and level adjusted with some compression/eq added.

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I’ve modded it for 24 samples, on my phone rn I’ll post it on a couple hours :slight_smile:

u the best :green_heart:

S-sampler24-24.zip (8.0 KB)
Thar she blows! 24 samples sampler ready for sampling your favourite 24 samples. Samples folder is empty though so you will have to pop some in there yourself :slight_smile:


Hello, guys. Greetings from Russia!! I bought organelle only 1week ago and i’m really trying to get into pure data, but i guess it will take much more time than i’ve expected. Could you please tell me what should i change in sampler24 module so it won’t loop samples, i need them to be 1shot. i know it should be very easy, but i feel myself lost.

I think the way the module is it will always loop the sample so you’d have to get into pd and get some advice from devs on if/how to change the module.
My workaround was to edit my drum samples to have half a second of space after the hit, so it doesn’t loop immediately, and this also allows for some samples to have a bit of decay to them.
Then just take the release parameter down to zero.

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I would love a loop on/off toggle in this patch too and asked about it previously. I was told to look for pointers on the way looping was handled in Loop Jam Record but I looked and it didn’t clarify anything for me. I may have another look in sampler24 and just try to break things until it stops looping. Could be good to just google ‘one shot sampler pure data’ and compare the two. Let’s consider it a joint effort. :maple_leaf:

thank you, i’ll try to find the difference in other one shot sampler projects. will let you know if it will work.

Had an idea yesterday that Polybeats or any of the sequencers with velocity, could be converted in orac to make a really powerful syncable CC sequencer for external music gear/ETC/(othermodules?)

Instead of sending velocity 0-127 it could send the same value as a CC message. I’m in two minds whether it would better to have a choice of different cc for each and every of the 24 keys, or just have it something like this -
Knob 1: Oct 1 CC#
Knob 2: Oct 2 CC#
Knob 3: Edit Lock

This is feasible right?

Okay heres a beta of my key triggered reverb module collapser. Best used with a sequencer of some sort ahead of it in a chain.(eg polybeats) (also great with lfo delay ahead of it in tandem)
1st Octave controls panning of the wet signal L to R, 2nd Octave controls D/W scale. It also has an LFO page for the reverb size.
Im really pleased with this! Not hugely complicated but i love the effect of the panning and expanding/collapsing reverb.
There are issues i think with the panning depth parameter, maybe someone could give me some pointers?


Thanks you !!

Hmmm! More than one problem. Patch gods, assemble!

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