Orac : release 1.0


After seeing the Loopop Organelle video about ORAC I purchased one for my son and I. Im a bit of a neophyte to synths/ modular but am really having a great time with the Organelle. Its become more fun that our OP-1. I work in marketing and am glad to see C&G really starting to promote this innovative update. The new video is really well done, hats off to them.

Anyways, I wanted to just give a shoutout to @thetechnobear on the work put in. Do you have a Patreon account or is there a place where we can kick in a few bucks as appreciation?



Any chance of anyone uploading an easy-to follow ORAC “manual”? as a pdf. I know there are video tutorials out there, but I really like being able to read step by step instructions from a bit of paper! Thanks folks


I think sitting down to watch the video once will be enough to get you started playing with orac, it’s not that tech really :slight_smile: If @thetechnobear wants to write a mini manual - cool!
Edit: I should also point out, we already kinda have one in the form of this topics first post!


Hey! I am having a bit of trouble here… I am in no way any kind of developer, so I’m sure this is definitely some stupid thing I did… I am trying to rename the presets in the orac-rack file, but now not only do I not see the ‘preset’ menu on the orac, but my presets have disappeared on the organelle. On the file they are all still there. Ill attach a screenshot of how it is laid out. I tried to find some default images of how the orac-rack file is supposed to look like but couldn’t… Thanks!


PS This as initially named ‘New 5’ but I changed it to tremverb–super cool guitar or synth effect!


id need to have the whole in text form to determine whats wrong.
perhaps you could upload it to drop box or something and share the link here.

as for resetting, you can download the orac.zop file again, use unzip to unpack it , and you will find this file in their with the default settings.


Ok, here is the file! I appreciate the help. I reverted the names back to “new x” and still there is the same issue…



So I just re-downloaded orac, built a module, unplugged, and tried renaming it in the .json file. I made sure that I didn’t change anything other than the name, but the same issue occurred! Am I doomed to not be able to rename these patches? I am using apple textedit to change the name, should I be using a different application?


ok, your issue is you are using the wrong type of double quotes
if you look very closely on your image above, you will see that the quotes you have around the tremverb are slanted forwards, where as all the other quotes are straight… these will not work, as they are not the same thing.

this is actually a function of the editor your using, often when do so called ‘smart quotes’, unfortunately this done because these editors are trying to be simple word processors (i.e. for letters) rather then text editors.

there are a couple of ways of avoiding this :slight_smile:
a) dont touch the quotes when you edit it.
b) make sure the editor is treating this as a plain text document (see this article for more details)

I’ll be honest this is why personally I do not use things like TextEdit (mac) or WordPad (windows) because they tend to want to make things ‘pretty’ and reformat it. whereas when editing text files you want it to leave the F* alone… if your an experienced user you can avoid it, but it catches beginners out all the time!

Id recommend that users download one of the many free text editors(*) , probably Atom is good choice. (though i admit i dont use it, as I purchased SublimeText which is fantastic if you do alot of coding!)

(*) sometimes these are also referred to as programmers editors, as developers are the primary users.


Amazing! Thank you so much. Atom works like a charm!


@thetechnobear is there any other resources or support to look at when transferring and modding patches over to orac other than messaging or tagging you?


The two videos I made ?


I mean that was a given. But the videos seem to only cover the more basic points. I was thinking something with more in depth coverage.

If not obviously that’s fine. It just seems like having all of this info rely on one person could stunt the growth for it.