Organelle and MI Yarns troubleshooting question

I’m trying to use the MIDI through from MI Yarns via a midi to usb cable to transmit midi to the Organelle. Organelle is receiving the midi through the correct channel, but it is hanging on to some of the notes sent. They will only turn off if I switch patches. Also in some of the patches the AUX button will flash like it is being triggered by some of the midi notes. Any suggestions?


Not familiar with Yarns - what are you using for USB-MIDI conversion?

Regarding the Aux button: from Page 24 of the Manual:

Incoming “control change” messages using controller number 25 affect the internal status
of the Aux button. A controller value between 64 and 127 simulates the Aux button being
pressed down, while a controller value between 0 (zero) and 63 simulates a release of the
Aux button.

Thanks for the help.

I am using the VicTsing-Cable-Converter-Keyboard-Adapter.

The routing goes from ableton>scarlet audio interface midi in>yarns midi through>midi converter>organelle. A little convoluted, but should work.

Is there something that I can type into the PD mother that would stop the incoming midi from changing the aux control?

Again thanks.