Organelle and PadKontrol

I’ve just started looking into getting an Organelle and immediately fell in love with the sampling aspect of it. A few videos I’ve come across with various midi controllers hooked up to the Organelle had me wondering if my PadKontrol could function along with it. I’ve seen the Organelle used as a simple drum machine, but would be much more comfortable using the 4x4 pads that I’m already used to (not to mention the pad sensitivity is much higher I would assume). Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong for thinking any of this, but the how-to video on adding/changing samples made it seem like you could essentially use each patch of samples as a bank like on an MPC. I’m assuming that the functionality of the PadKontrol would nosedive, but the only thing I’m really concerned with is being able to play the samples with the 16 pads instead of the keys on the Organelle. Thanks.

I haven’t tried the PadKontrol but it should work fine. Is it MIDI jack output or USB ?

One thing to note is the keys on the Organelle are not velocity sensitive, and many of the patches are also not velocity sensitive.