Organelle button not responding


One of the wooden buttons on my organelle stopped responding very well. I’ve only had it for about 2 monthes sonits fairly new. So my question is: is there an easy fix? Or is the organelle supposed to be more used with midi keyboards?


Does the button depress, or is it stuck? If it is stuck you might be able to gently rock it (with fingers or small pliers). But if the button depresses and does not fire, this might be an electrical issue and will need repair.


A few of my buttons are getting a little bit wonky too, like having to rock it around or having to hit it a couple times for it to fire the sound… hopefully it doesn’t get worse… wondering if it could be a cleaning issue?


Hmm, might be an issue with the keypad, please contact us about repair.


Hmm, I seem to be having the same issue. The buttons haven’t been used all the much either. Sending it back to the US probably isn’t viable for me - what’s the recommended process to clean or repair the contacts?


@Lee please contact us directly:
Please indicate your Organelle’s serial number


Hi @chrisk, I was able to improve it by blowing some canned air under the rubber domes and then realigning the PCB with the buttons. Took a bit of trial and error though as it seems very small misalignments can affect the responsiveness of some keys quite substantially. I’ll send you an email with the serial number to see if there’s anything further I need to do.