Organelle-M + Digi-Gurdy

Hi, I’m Old_Fat&Wrinkly…but you can call me Old :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve lusted after an Organelle for a while now and was recently fortunate to buy one used in excellent condition. I’m hoping it’s possible to use it with my Digi-Gurdy, designed and built by the ingenious XenonJohn.
Digi-Gurdy uses authentic hurdy gurdy sounds in the form of Soundfont files, usually played by FluidSynth on an Android phone.
I’m presently using it with an iPad DAW, Auria Pro, and bs-16i app.
I’ve successfully installed fluidLoops, and Soundfont library, on my Organelle which sounds amazing played with the Organelle’s keyboard. Unfortunately the Digi-Gurdy needs five channels, each utilising a separate soundfont file, for two drones, a trompette, melody string, and keyclicks. I believe fluidLoops uses just one file at a time, at least I’ve not been able to load multiple channels. I’d be delighted if this was down to user error. I am, after all, Old_Fat&Wrinkly.
The amazing Orac was my next thought, running multiple instances of fluidLoops in parallel. I think Orac has four parallel slots though, so I would probably have to forego the percussive keyclicks.
I could really use some help. Can fluidLoops run multiple soundfonts? Can Orac run five or six fluidloops instances? Is there a multi channel soundfont player for Organelle? Can my Digi-Gurdy and Organelle-M make beautiful music together?
Thank you.

Hey @Old_FW. I’m not the developer of fluidsynth but I think I can answer some of your questions.
I don’t think fluidsynth can run multiple soundfonts as it is today. It’d need to be updated to include support for that.
It also can’t be used in Orac as is because it’d need to be ported to the Orac format / standard for modules. This is usually a simple process (I’ve done a couple of them) but I imagine it’d be a bit trickier to port fluidsynth mostly because of it’s interface. From what I’ve seen (and maybe @thetechnobear can correct me) it wouldn’t be too simple to have an interface similar to fluidsynth’s instrument picker in Orac. I’d say it’s possible but it’d require a bit of work.

I remember seeing a soundfont player for Orac on Github but I’m not sure if it was even finished or in a working state.

Many thanks for the info @icaroferre Not the news I wanted to hear, it would be wonderful to pair them up, but such is life.
I’ll have a rummage around Github.

I’ve played around with soundfont player in orac, I haven’t officially released it but you could try it, it is here:

You may need to download the repository as a zip:
I think it reads soundfont files in the folder media/soundfonts.
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Thanks a lot @WyrdAl I bought my Organelle-M used and will need to update both it and Orac to the most recent versions. I’ve been dog/house sitting for my brother since before lockdown, he returns tomorrow so will update and install your soundfont player when I get home.
I really appreciate all the help.