Organelle M latency is pretty good (cyclictest output)

Haven’t seen these results posted elsewhere.

Here is the output of the cyclictest program running on the Organelle M with Wifi on and Additive Synth running.

WARN: Running on unknown kernel version...YMMV
policy: other/other: loadavg: 1.09 0.73 0.32 2/129 10985

T: 0 (10168) P: 0 I:1000 C:  54594 Min:     10 Act:   13 Avg:   28 Max:    3276

Units are in microseconds. Not sure what the impact of turning off Wifi would be…

I don’t know what to make out of that numbers…

In My OG and in pd, I could go down to 7 Ms (Which is pretty good). but not much less if the patch is actually doing something. I would be really amazed if an organelle M could do under 5 Ms without dropouts…

This is more of a test of context switching latency in the real time linux kernel on the Organelle M (avg = 28us), which has an impact on the latency, but isn’t a direct measure of audio latency. How did you measure your audio latency?

In my case, I trust PD and my ears… but If I had to measure I/o latency, I would record an impulse, directly to soundcard in one channel and processed by organelle in other channel. then in the DAW, I would see the difference. (soundcard latency wouldn’t affect this measure.)

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