Organelle M Patches running on Organelle 1

Now that the new Organelle M is out, i’m seeing some patches getting released for it. Are the patches going to be usable on the older Organelle? Are we going to see a major slowdown in development of patches for the older machine?

Hmm, I dunno man, far more people have an organelle 1 than an M at the moment. And I think I read that the 1 will get an OS update, too. I don’t think it’s a dead machine by any means. Probably less C&G patches in the long run

simple answer is many/most patches will likely work…

I did quite a long post about why hopefully this is the case ,
tldr, Id hope that most patches can be constructed in such a way, that even if they need more memory/cpu than the original has, then then might run in a limited form…
(say like an older pc might run less tracks/vsts in a daw)

of course, as the organelle-m is new, so there was some little quirks with things like library version, that might trip things up, but these should be resolvable.
(at worst by putting out different versions of patches, but thats not really in anyone interest to do it that way)

and as @oatsincoats says given there are more organelle-1 currently, makes sense for patch developers to want to support both if/where possible.