Organelle M Sampler tutorial

Are there any good tutorial videos showing how to use the various samplers on the Organelle M…? I couldn’t find any so far.

Many thanks

The C&G-made sampler patches all have videos:
The overall patch functionality for the original Organelle and ‘M’ are the same. If there’s a video on the link above showing the patch running on the original Organelle, it will work the same way on the M.

Hey Chris,

thanks for that link and info but the only Sampler that I could find on the website that’s also loaded into the Organelle was “Tapey”. The Factory settings give me another 31 samplers on top of that!
with that in mind I’m still looking for some tutorials :slight_smile:
many thanks

Hi -

Not sure I understand - the link I sent in my first response has video demos of the ‘stock’ patches (save for K-Loopover (which works pretty much like K-Loop) and some of the earliest patches).

Which website?

Which sampler patches do you have on your Organelle that are not listed here: ?

Hi Chris,

I had another look at this link: and it’s true there are a lot more examples there than I first thought.

However - not all the samplers on the link from above are covered. This is a list of all the samplers included with my Organelle M from the factory:
Arpeggio sampler
Basic sampler
Beats & Pieces
Children of Sample
Distributor Rec
DJ Patch Record
DJ Patch
Euclidean Rhythms
H Rando
I take Up
I take up Quantized
Loop Jam Rec
Midi File Sampler
Mutations 23
Nori Grains
Nori Sampler
Phase Vocoder
Polybeats DRG
Pow Pow’s Polybeats
Sampler Style Delay
Segmenti ARP
Transient Segmenti

Many thanks


My mistake. Sorry for the confusion. The website has a separate category for Sample Player patches, which don’t record: Critter & Guitari