Organelle-m with 16n faderbank [ISSUE]


I try to use Faderbank 16n with Organelle M over USB, but it does not work. I am using the “MIDI Monitor 2.0” to listen to the USB MIDI IN and only “waiting” appears. With TRS is ok.

Has anyone managed to connect the 16n to the organelle via USB-midi successfully?


After connecting via USB-MIDI and before loading the MIDI Monitor patch, were you able to select and then save the 16n as the device in the MIDI Menu?

Yes. Organelle save it as “16n:0”. I tried to reaload patch after save, but it not working. I only can use 16n with Midi-trs cable.

16n works perfect as Midi device with my computer (os x) via USB. Other midi devices works perfect with Organelle-M via USB.

Thanks for that information.

Sometimes USB-MIDI controllers are said to not require a driver (aka ‘class-compliant’) but the manufacturer really means that the controller has only been designed/tested to work with Windows, Mac, and/or iOS. This means that a controller may or may not work with a Linux OS like the one that runs on the Organelle.

Since the Faderbank is an open project there could be different versions of USB-MIDI implementation. It might be good to check with the manufacturer of your unit and see what they say about working with Linux.


Thanks @chrisk !

It’s “Atovproject 16n DIY” variant. It works perfect with Norns (Linux based and rpi CM3 module), I used it with some scripts in Norns without problems (with 16n compatible scripts, like “sines”, and with learn midi function on other scripts).

I wrote to manufacturer (Atovproject) and they said me that it works with Linux, but they never tested it on Organelle. It’s possible that they will contact you (Critter&Guitari).

Sounds like a great pairing, hope this is resolved :slight_smile: