Organelle music


I got bored trying to configure X Windows and made this little improve using the Organelle. It’s just using the Stereo Rhythmicon patch


This one’s built around @shreeswifty 's autechre-ish patch with which I recorded two different layers of glitchy tunes and rhythmic stuff, all thru the Empress Reverb. Autechre or not, I don’t care, this patch is simply amazing. Kicks and clicks by the OP-1, bass synth by the Moog Sub37.


I’ve been sitting on these songs for a long time, but I’ve finally decided to make my album available on Bandcamp, Name Your Own Price. This album, with the exception of track 3, consists of songs and layers recorded all in one take with little-to-no post-processing. Much of it was made on/through the Organelle, that little blue box that brought us all here in the first place. For that reason it’s a nearly perfect representation of its own fundamental imperfections. I hesitate to call it finished, but I doubt it ever truly will be. I hope you enjoy.

Full album download will include bonus materials:

“Music videos” for Happiness, Mnemic.
A video showing the making of Processing.
A small unreleased “teaser” video.
My friend Sarah Burke’s original illustration for the album artwork.

Best wishes and I love you all!


Hey. I just today released a new single with my duo Sgrow. Almost all the synth sounds on the intro and the verses are from the Organelle. Everything heavily processed both in and out of the box but so much of the material is using the Organelle as a sound source. The first one that is easy to spot is “Dropper” on the intro :slight_smile: Hope you like it!



recording i did while experimenting with a couple different patches.


Hot damn dude! This is great. And so wonderfully produced. I’d love to know how people get their stuff sounding this crisp.


Thanks! Really glad you like it. It’s the third single from our album that comes out in November :slight_smile:
Also releasing a music video for this in a couple of weeks. Really excited!


Keep killing it man x


makenoise 0-Coast (sequenced by the Korg SQ-0) thru the Granular Freezer LL patch, seasoned by the Empress Reverb.


liking this! grabbing it on Apple music now…


private link cause i’m not done with it but I wanted to share because I LOVE LOVE how shree’s drum patch sounds at the end of this


Made with the new , Euclidian-experimental patch “Toussaint Trio” by @shreeswifty (all beats and lows, thru the Empress Reverb) and the makenoise 0-coast (all the shrieking-pulsing sequences, controlled by the Korg SQ-1, thru the Big Sky). Pretty minimal, kinda krautronica.


which drum patch is that?


you guys are killing it


Did a thing today using Organelle controlled by Octatrack, kind of an ambient/domntempo doodad


the autechre one it’s crazy as heck


which patches? I loooove this


thanks so much man :slight_smile:
the vocal sound is a soul acapella frozen in granular freezer, the guitar at the start is fed through morphagene. used polybeats with some of my own sounds for drummies and shrees original minimoog patch for the thick keys sound - then a patch i made called ‘monobleep 49’ on the random blips toward the end.


highs: makenoise 0-coast thru @shreeswifty 's ‘audioflow’ patch (available to patrons over at patreon) with an Empress Reverb at the end of the chain;
lows: Moog Sub37 thru an OTO BAM reverb;
beats by Patrick’s ‘autechreish’ patch thru the Empress again.


wow! really nice! track!
so glad these are being used !