Organelle music


Nice track! The drums are cool - I need to check out that authechreish patch again :wink:

Is it just manual sync or midi?

When you mention ‘audioflow available on Patreon’, is that a different version to the one available on this forum?


Glad you like it! :slight_smile: It’s manual sync - I’m yet to find the right way to sync the 0-coast to my other gear.
I didn’t notice Patrick had posted audioflow here on the forum as well - that must be the same as on patreon.


Organelle patches used: Moth-7, ZChord, autechre, bashfest (all thru the Empress Reverb).
Also starring were: OP-1, 0-Coast, Korg SQ-1, Moog Sub 37,


This one’s a collab with a friend. He recorded the acoustic drums, I’m responsible for bleeps, clicks, synths and whatnot. I used a couple of polybeat patches thru the Empress Reverb, also starring were the 0-coast, the OP-1 and the Sub37.


We made this homage to the recently closed Hall of Gems & Minerals at the American Museum of Natural History. The soundtrack is made with Waterfall Up, Granular Freezer, Rampi PB, and Guitar2Synth patches.

RIP awesome place.


More C&G music please! Do you guys still do shows sometimes?
What has become of the collection? Seems a strange thing for a museum of natural history to be missing a mineral gallery, kids bloody love em. Me too :slight_smile:


@Wannop Glad you like it! We don’t really do shows, sorry! They are redesigning the Hall of Minerals & Gems. It will reopen in 2019. Here’s some more info:


Cheers man. Hope to go to New York again sometime this or next year on my travels. Hopefully it’s got it’s hair did by then :slight_smile:


Some stuff I made mostly on Organelle + Op1


Had a play around with the Smorphagene patch, with a childrens tv sample and then on another track some FM sounds. Fed that into my Octatrack and out plopped this slop which i recorded

Should prob skip to like 2:00


Just playing around with a looper and Arpeggio synth, J dillicious, Juno, and Rampi PB patches.

And when I try to play the clarinet at first, the volume knob was down haha, ignore that. :slight_smile:


Happy findings; couple of months with my cherished Organelle; had to start at some point… new to Pd; ended up only using MIDI; oh so much more to explore Organelle universe.


Guy! Beautiful! Keep on rockin’!


This one’s based on the new Disciple patch by @wo3. The Organelle went thru the Empress Reverb’s “Beer” engine. Also starring were the OP-1 (glitchy glitches) and the 0-coast, the latter went thru the Empress EchoSystem.


Oh yeah. I never managed to actually post the music video in here. Album dropping friday :smiley: Has Organelle all over it!


Soooooo nice! Well played.


So! Finally the album is out. Hope you will enjoy it. Lots of Organelle everywhere, but processed and resampled.




Here’s a live video of me performing my new song Vanligt. The song is written in a one of many Swedish dialects we speak in Ostrobothnia/Finland.

I’m using a live midi setup with external gear such as a Casio CZ-1, Akai’s Rhythm Wolf through a Space Echo RE-201 and the Organelle running the Juno-104 Patch, and tracking vocals and guitar at the same time.

Hope you like it!



New live video up for Year of Glad ( where the organelle is used to process guitar, vocals, and violin for some added ethereality!


I have done this in a while, but here’s a little demo I recorded at home featuring the Organelle all over the place. If memory serves me well I used @shreeswifty’s buffershufler, Slicer, thery scary and Apollostation (plus a Korg Volca Keys and Fm).