Organelle + Novation Launchpad PRO

Hi there!

Has anybody been using novation launchpad with organelle? Just hooked up my LP to my Organelle, but even though the info screen shows launchpad as the midi input, the note messages do not appear to work using the default note mode on LP. Weird thing is, when i switch to the Ableton Live mode on the LP, the midi notes work, but I get no visual feedback (lights). Any thoughts on this issue?

Have you checked what midi channel you are sending from LP and which you are receiving on the organelle?

Yeah, tried every possible combination of midi channels, but to no avail…

edit. Actually the problem might be, that in stand alone mode, the launchpad might send midi only through the midi port and not the usb. Maybe have to look into some custom open source firmware.

check this thread —> Please help with MIDI problem

using the latest technobear OS with ‘alsaconfig’ made it talk to my korg monologue.


for ableton one has to install MIDI scripts as i recall for it to play nice so it’s not even ‘plug and play’ on Ableton. Is that term even used anyomore? lol I have one. I would hook it up to pd vanilla NOT EXTENDED no bad never on your dektop annd go to Midi settings ad select it, then run Test audio Midi setup and see what it does

This did the trick! It was the curious case of multiple midi-outputs. Thanks!

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The lp pro has standalone function, besides working as a dedicated live controller, in which it sends just standard midi notes and CC’s without the need of any scripts. Apparently the standalone mode was using a different port, but alsaconfig solved the issue!

Wunderbar! nice when something is resolved so quickly