Organelle OS 3

Not stupid I wondered the same thing.
Under the main “Patches” folder make new folders and move the corresponding patches you want into the folders. I also recently found out by happy accident you can have sub-folders in the sub-folders as well! Hope that helps.

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Thanks for that,I’ll sort my folders out tonight after work.cheers

ok - MASSIVE thank you for this - making my little blue box even more useful!! I was away without it over christmas so learned Supercollider (which I think I like more than PD actually) and looking forward to making some patches for it

Question - I’m not connecting to my wifi - clicking on " - Network Name" tries to connect to something (not sure what) - should I be able to select my wifi network here?

I’ve got a edimax thing - it was working with os2.1 following the instructions elsewhere on this forum. But it feels to me like it isn’t being recognised…

any clues?

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you need to edit the wifi.txt file that’s on the usbdrive

ach - not reading instructions properly!

Thank you!

ok - cooking with gas - wifi on, storage on SD card!

just trying to install rsync with pacman - getting an error requested URL returning 404? I’m guessing I need to update a package db or something?

external connections working though - I can ping machines on the internet including

make sure you sync the pacman database… it will be very out of date, if you have not done this before.

also be careful, arch linux is a rolling release. this mean sometimes package required other packages to be upgraded… if not they break.
the usual solution for arch linux is to therefore upgrade everything, but if you do this on the organelle, it will break, as the kernel modules included are not compatible.
(if you read the ‘manual’ , you’ll find as such arch linux does not support partial upgrades)

so care is needed… what id recommend is you keep a backup of your sdcard, in case you upgrade something, and end up in a mess.

it doesn’t happen often most packages are fine (ive done most dev tools, things like rsync etc), i think ive only done a couple of upgrades that needed me to restore (e.g. when I tried to install gdb)

Where can I put a mother.pd override patch? I see info about patch folder, then directory, then Patches folder, then System.

Where is it at now?

yes, mother.pd can be overridden in patch folder, system directory(on user drive, so /usbdrive/System)
… idea is if you just need a special override for a patch , put it in there, if you want it always overridden put it in system

Note: you should modify a copy of the new mother.pd that came with 3.0, to ensure you have the correct version.

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can anyone tell me if this would work? as the recommended canakit by Oweno isn’t available for prime shipping anymore.

I have this one:

Works a dream.

i’m using this small one without problems

edimax EW-7811UN

to the name of the wifi network? I just got my wifi adapter today, trying to connect. I’m not seeing any definite instructions on how to do this on the forum… yet… still looking…

i just answered my own question. changed the name on the wifi.txt file to network name and correct password, i get “Problem Connecting” message… hmmmmm


Did you get a gdb going on the organelle in the end?


gdb, no… i had to restore my old OS version, then i couldn’t be bother to go thru all the steps again,
so i just switch to use a rPI for the debugging i needed to do on my app.
( i always write cross platform stuff, so it was easy enough to move to the PI for the ARM specific tests i needed to do)

I just realised this was my first post here. many similar looking discourse places, hehe.
hello everyone! organelle is so much fun… even more so with v3, thank you @thetechnobear & @oweno !

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Nice one, ordered. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for this update. What a great mix of workflow and creative improvements. And the community effort, wow!

I’d suggest to link to this post for quick start on setting up WIFI connection to access the browser based file manager: Organelle Web File Manager

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Ah ok, thanks for the info.