Organelle OS Update, Example Patches

did you try downloading the update patch again? or using a new or reformatted USB drive? it might have been corrupted when it was downloaded or copied to the drive.

I have tried re-downloading and using a different USB. I don’t have a new USB drive in the house, but is that really the issue here?

99% of the time so far it’s been the USB from what i have seen

YMMV but it’s worth the try

Hi, i’m new with organelle and i want to update OS v2.1 but i don’t know how. first, i’ve downloaded and unzip it. in the folder “update-OS-v2.1” i have two more folders ( “filecheck” and “root”) and othersfile. what is the next step? should i copy folder “update-OS-v2.1” in “Patches” folder SDcard? Thanks.

Info here @maxipuchar :

To update simply download and run the patch.
(Put “update-OS-v2.1” dir ON the USB stick inside PATCHES dir, then on the Organelle select that patch )

You will be prompted to press Aux button to start update. The Organelle shuts down after the update and you will have re-apply power.

Select Info in the System menu and it should say version 2.1

Hope this helps

readyy mann!.. thank you very much for you help.