Organelle out of stock 2019 - how long?


Hi! I’ve been thinking of getting a second organelle.
Just curious what the timeline is, and also, if there will be any changes i.e. organelle 2.0 or if it will be the same as the original. Thanks!



We just added some Organelles to our website’s inventory!


Hi all… new here :grin:
Last week the Organelle was available… a couple days later ‘sold out’… popped up at Ebay for way more money. I already gave up my hope, cos I only could afford one in the beginning of next month. Today, I checked the Critter & Guitari website and the Organelle was available again… not taking any chances… I ordered and I am minus on my bank account now… I am sure it’s gonna be worth it!


welcome to the obsession :wink:


Is there a way to get an update when more become available?


If you really want one, like I did… I suggest to check the website daily!(mine already arrived in Belgium, but not yet delivered)


I would pre-order this in a heartbeat if I could!


So, I hesitate to ask but - is there any danger of these going by way of the pocket piano? Also, come to think of it (and this may be off topic but) what would one need to do if they wanted to build a DIY pocket piano? Would this be terribly difficult? I find it sad that I have to tell anyone who sees me perform with mine, and asks where they might get one, that they’re out of luck :frowning:


I hope the Organelle doesn’t go the way of the Pocket Piano but they were working on a new instrument called the ONDA a while back. I wonder if they’re busy making those getting ready for a release?