Organelle To Ableton


No idea what im missing but i cant use this at all in Ableton. No signal coming from the Organelle.
I had no idea this would be so tricky. I guess i should of done more research on this before buying.


Record in midi or in audio?


Please be as specific as possible…


I cant get any signal, Audio or Iv tried as an external instrument on a midi channel but cant seem to get anything from the Organelle


I have both midi adaptor plugged in as well as the quarter inch through my interface


But what do you want? Audio or midi?


Duet selected in the Ableton channel? Before you blame the organelle you should check everything in your audio chain. If you plug another instrument into the duet are you then getting a signal in Ableton?


What do you have (devices, cables)? How did you connect your devices? What do you want? Please be as specific as possible…


Hey Twiggy, if you want audio from the organelle to ableton, you can run two mono out audio cables from the organelle L- and R- out into your audio interface. Or you can run a stereo audio cable out of the headphone jack, and into your interface.

If you want MIDI–which does not send audio but rather MIDI signal that you can create audio with using a MIDI software instrument on your computer–that’s another story.

Please specify whether you want MIDI or Audio and if you want to go from Ableton to the Organelle, or Organelle to Ableton.


Also, make sure you have a patch selected that actually sends out audio and isn’t just an effect or such


I guess I’ll add that if you are runnign audio from organelle to ableton through your interface, you need to arm an audio track in ableton, turn monitoring to auto or in, and make sure the input is set to the appropriate channel on your interface.


Hi thanks for the help guys they banned me from replying as im only allowed 8 replies on my first day LOL Thanks im going to give it another run here.


I would just like to play the organelle and explore the sounds while recording audio in ableton.
I have two quarter inch running out the back L,R to my duet interface connected to my macbook.


I would like to record Audio in Ableton coming from Organelle


Dear Mary, to record audio to your computer you only need to connect your Organelle via jack cables to your audio interface (APOGEE DUET i assume).


perfect, that should be easy, none of this midi stuff which can be much more difficult to set up.

please make sure everything is set up on ableton side–see my comment about arming a track. if you can get an audio into ableton through your interface, you can sure get the organelle’s in there. I do it all the time!

An easy way to test whether a patch on your organelle will be audible is to use headphones straight out of the organelle – if you hear something, there will be audio signal going through the outs as well. I usually use a synth patch like Analog style or similar to do that type of testing.


Yes thats why maybe Its either the connection between my duet or something not switched on in Ableton.


It seems to be the Duet as im not getting any sound through from my Organelle.


Not sure what is wrong here now
Im a beginner with using any type of hardware as iv only used software.
I did however use a couple drum machines and a synth before i just plugged it in and i was able to record.
I really don’t want to return this nice little instrument but i guess im in over my head.
Since i cant even get any signal from anything other than the Organelle which doesn’t do much for me.
I just want to get some signal to ableton somehow and record.


Troubleshooting: Plug in a pair of headphones to your Organelle (maybe don’t wear them, as you will get line level) and see if you get any sound out of your Organelle.

Edit: ups… I just saw someone else has already said this…