Organelle with internal battery + speaker + microphone?

It looks like the is plenty of space inside the Organelle to store 6 AA batteries some MEMS microphones and speaker(s). Why didn’t you consider add it, like the Pocket Piano? Would the battery life-time be too short?

Now you make people keep on searching for portable power supplies etc… The portable form factor is ideal to bring it to places where there is no power supply handy.

Did anyone else try adding those inside the enclosure aftermarket?

I have a 6xAA battery pack from Adafruit that works great, inspired from this thread. The idea of a custom enclosure+battery pack design is a cool idea.

An organelle with internal batteries (either lithium or replaceable ones like Duracell), speaker, and a mic would be my dream instrument. Maybe even no speaker, but the batteries and built in mic or a mic input that had more gain would be so perfect for me.