Organelle with makey makey

Hello everybody is it possible to use makey makey as controller for organelle without computer?

hard to say for sure…

the documentation for makey makey is atrocious …
sure I get they want it to be ‘easy to use’… but for some things you need technical details… e.g. what USB procotol are you using!

so its hard to find info, but it appears from this

that you can get it to work on a rPI. so that means its very likely to work on the Organelle-m

as for organelle-1, Ive really not idea… some info seems to say its a standard HID device, so might work

NOTE: it is NOT a usb class compliant MIDI device, so no patches will work with it without alternation, or a small application to convert its output (HID?) to midi .

if you’ve got one, and your technically inclined… then Id give it a go.

sorry, given the lack of technical information around its hard to say much more.

It s seem hard for me… Maybe the simple way is change the patches, like " space = c#", right = d"… You think it s possible? (control the notes with computer keyboard?)

sure, IF it is a HID device sending keyboard events.
then you should be able to use [key] [keyup] in Pure data to get the events.

you could then just send note events out using [s notes], you could do this in a custom mother.pd and it would then work for all patches (that don’t define their own custom mother.pd)

It’s been a while, but I believe that’s the case.

(HID keyboard, with factory-defined key output)