OS 3.0 and Notein


I just upgraded my OS to version 3 and noticed I now have the ability to select a midi channel direct from the system menu. I have a few questions.

I have changed previously the notein object from the mother.pd patch to reflect the midi channel and am now wondering which will take priority as the update did not change the notein midichannel value?

Also, I was planning on modify the mother patch to accept more than one midichannel, making a multichannel, multitimbral instrument. Having drums on channel 1, synth on channel two…etc. Would this new change in having a global midi channel prevent me from doing this?


The mother.pd patch is new in OS 3, so any old one that you modified won’t work the same (and you should remove it to prevent confusion). mother.pd now may be overridden on a patch by patch basis by placing it in a patch folder.

The midi channel selection only affects what mother.pd is listening and sending on. your patch can also send a 0 to midiInGate and midiOutGate which will disable MIDI inside mother.pd, and your patch can do whatever it wants with MIDI using regular Pd MIDI objects (then the midi channel midi selection will be meaningless)

Thanks oweno. I will remove the mother.pd patch from the root of the thumbdrive. But what you are saying is save the mother.pd patch, but only drop it within the patch folders to override the OS mother.pd, which is located on the SD card?

I see a midiconfig.txt file, looks like this is where the save state is. Do you mean modify this txt file to 0 and I can change the midi channel on a per patch basis?

that is correct.

no, midiconfig.txt is for all the patches

Thanks, I think I’m missing “send 0 to midiingate”. that’s literally {s midiingate 0}?

Id recommend you look at 3.1 (beta) , this allows the midi gate to be configured, as well as other options, without modify mother.pd