OTC - ETC on Organelle

I’d been jonesing for the ETC, but couldn’t justify the purchase and thought porting it would just be pipe dream. This is f-ing excellent. Thank you so much for doing this and for being so helpful.

I’m sort of curious about sending cc’s to modulate through values on the knobs. I saw the brief convo about it in this post:

Just curious to see if you’d made any more progress?

AGAIN, thank you SO much for this. Even my wife thinks it’s cool and she’s a hard sell :wink:

thats from a while ago, so not quite sure of the context, but…

otc always had the cc control over the knobs as described in the etc manual

what I added in OTC 1.2, was for a modes to see all CC, this means you can use a larger controller to control many different parameters (rather than just the 4 on the mode)

so yeah, can control the 4 mode parameters via CC (like etc), or create modes which have many more ‘parameters’

anyway a bit of an OTC status update for everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve got a new OTC (1.5) in development, which currently has:

  • a fix the issue that some users have had, where OTC seems to get stuck during startup.
  • stereo audio input

however, I got a bit stuck on this as i realised that by adding more features, Im potentially diverging from etc hardware, making OTC superset.
i.e. all ETC modes will work on OTC, but OTC patches using ‘extended’ features will not work on ETC.

But I’m a bit unsure about this…
I liked the idea users could try out ETC on their Organelle, then if they decided they needed a dedicated box, they could buy an ETC.
but perhaps it doesn’t matter, i guess, if you start using OTC a lot, then you could just buy another Organelle. same price, and you get to choose to use it as a video box, or a synth.

(there is a coding decision here, concerned with, are the OTC improvements/changes ever going to be ported back to the ETC… if so, then extending the use of the OSD rather than using the Organelles lcd is perhaps preferable)

anyway, thats why OTC 1.5 has not been released yet… that, Ive been considering a few other improvements…

anyway I hope everyone is still having fun with OTC, there is more on the horizon :wink:


Hi technobear! Thanks so much for your work. OTC is great

However I have had problems since I updated my OS to 3.0 and OTC to 1.4. The ETC logo comes up on my display and below it it says loading modes. Then it crashes.

I’m thinking of trying another usb stick thats completely blank. Which installers do I need to run? I dont want to f things up again.

you shouldn’t need to install it again… OS 3.0 shouldn’t affect OTC.
but if you want to , probably just OTC_Mother, but i doubt it’ll make a difference, but who knows…

really for me to have any idea whats going on you need to post the otc_mother.log as detailed on the first post.

however, I think Ive found the issue that has plagued some people, but Ive yet to release it, as ive been busy with other projects. I’ll try to find some time over the weekend to put it up, even if i don’t get time to do the other things id had planned… they can wait for another day with more time :wink:

Hi technobear! Just got OTC up and running. Super fun so far!

I was wondering if anyone had any luck running the user-created modes found on patchstorage? I loaded a handful before launched OTC for the first time and I’m not seeing any of them. However, C&G official modes are working perfectly! Any thoughts?

do the titles of the modes show up along the bottom when OTC starts?
if not, Id guess not in the location.

try this one of mine, does it show up?


one possible problem is that it may be others have not created the info.py file which details what the knobs do, I can’t remember what I do in this case… I probably should do something ‘smart’ like just call them knob1-4, if Im not already :slight_smile:

Im pretty sure I tried modes not in the factory pack, but honestly it was quite a while ago…

The first time I loaded OTC none of the user patches showed up - but OTC loaded perfectly. However, I noticed the downloaded user patches have an extra folder layer in the directory and so when I addressed this (removing extra layer) it caused OTC to crash. The titles were scrolling at the bottom of the screen and it seemed like it crashed once it loaded the first user mode in the list…

I was actually most excited about trying the spinning disc mode!

Ok, you have to be careful with how many user patches you have - the issue is ETC loads all patches into memory, so if you have Lots of them that load things like images it will run out of memory.
So I’d advise you load a few modes at a time.

( it’s not a big issue when you use for real, more an issue when you start and want to see all the modes :slight_smile: )

I’m most likely beating a dead horse here.
I downloaded and ran the installer, and then ran the mother.
Then I read that I should have downloaded the modes first. Did I mess up?
Also, do I need to make a “Modes” folder and place it in the OTC patch?
Or do I just throw the “Modes” I download into the patches folder?
Any help is appreciated!

the modes is a top level folder , like patches…

so on your usb stick something like


no you’ve not screwed anything up, if you don’t put it in the right place, it just wont find any modes to display , so fix that , and hopefully it’ll work :slight_smile:

@keymanpal showed an example of usbdrive on this post

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Okay! I haven’t tried it just yet. I read in the thread that I couldn’t start it up without connecting it to an HDMI cable first. And from everything else I’ve read, this seems to be a patch I don’t wanna mess up. lol
That being said I’m just making sure to cover my bases.

Wonderful! I’ll check it out and get it set up. Thanks again @thetechnobear. I know this is a busy/big day for you. I really appreciate the assistance!

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Hello everyone. It’s me again. Go figure.
If I wanted to load some of these images onto the Organelle OTC.
Would I just place them in a folder like this? 0-(whatever filename)
As far as I know they wouldn’t do anything such as spinning or what not. They’d just be plain images.
I believe @mkunoff made this images.


Also, I looked through the thread but couldn’t find anyone who asked this. Would it be possible to set OTC up to be controlled via expression pedal/footswitch? If so, what steps should I take to start looking into that?

images always need a mode to load, and often the mode has an images sub directory.
So you need to check.

I’ve got some trouble to run OTC web.
I mean I can access to the “classic” web server of the organelle but I don’t succeed to connect to OTC Web.
I’m opening an access point, then start the web server and trying to connect with my browser on “” and laptop says “404 not Found”…
I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong ?

you need to be using at least OS 3.0
and need to install the latest OTC_Web packae
then, settings ->wifi ->start web server

then you should just need to use
so in your case,

(actually on a mac, http://organelle or http://organelle.local will work too )
then you are given a menu with Patch Manager and OTC

note: from 3.0 C&G old “file manager” is also redundant as 3.0 shipped with the new filemanager

Thanks. I’'ve moved to SD card and everything is ok. I think I’ve had a problem during the instal first time. Thanks

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the modes website (http://etctv.io/) seems to be down. Can anyone provide me the modes? Thanks. Andre.

EDIT: found them by myself, for anybody looking for the etc modes:

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Just picked up an organelle and am so excited to try OTC, but i’m getting Failed - No File from the patchstorage download of OTC_Install. Can anybody share this with me? or provide an updated file? Thank you!

Some Patchstorage.com glitche? @thetechnobear

Here’s a temp dropbox link; will expire in an hour

definitely, a glitch, Ive not updated it… I’ll check it later, if its still problematic I’ll see if I can re-upload it.

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