OTC - ETC on Organelle

just installed today and it’s wonderful!! thank you so, so much for this! (and thanks to C&G of course, for being awesome.

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Everything works great on Organelle with 4 OS, thanks for your work!
I had several difficulties with starting due to modes that do not contain info.py in their folder. Just copy any other and change the name and description in the content. There were also problems, as I understand it, due to RAM limitations, when I copied too many modes and when loading otc mother freezes. Just moved a few of them to another folder (like Modes (disabled)) and that’s it.
@thetechnobear I would like OTC to optionally pass incoming sound through itself and transmit it to the output. I think it would be convenient to use in setups. It can be done somehow?

PS I make I patch for this: https://patchstorage.com/headphone-mux/

this cant be done in OTC, because it uses a very low sample rate for the graphics to keep cpu low.

however, there is an ability to bypass audio thru to headphone out from line in, that I detailed in a previous post - audio monitor
theoretically, you could enable this in the start script of OTC.