Patch for Eowave Ribbon 2

Just got a Eowave Ribbon 2, this synth has the ability to act as a controller with PC/Mac, and CV/Gate controlling device, however it cannot send out MIDI directly. My goal is to make a patch that can use the ribbon to control gate on/off and pitch (and pressure if possible) by using Organelle as interface like this:

Ribbon 2 > Organelle > MIDI Interface (in my case: IK Multimedia iRig MIDI 2) > Any desktop synth that support MIDI in

Browsed thru the manual of Ribbon 2, the known MIDI chart:

Pad : CC1
Pressure : CC7
Position: CC Pitchbend
Eowave Ribbon 2 Manual

I am not familiar with Pd even I own Organelle for quite some times since the release… I am asking for help from you guys. Any official patches good for modify to suit this purpose?

I have tried to connect these devices, seems Ribbon 2 did transmit MIDI, the patches from Organelle changed, but I’m not sure the cause.

Also, from the Eowave website I found this:

I am unsure what this file can do too.

Thank you!