Patch not working using lop / hip/ xfade

Got a patch that works on mother-desktop and uses lop.mmb, hip.mmb & xfade.mmb and I’ve included the relevant pds in the folder (otherwise it wouldn’t work on mother-desktop too.) But don’t work on Organelle.

It’s a fancy distortion patch I found on pure data forum which sounds so much better than just multiplying the input sound and clipping it.

Any suggestions what to do / try? As everything previously works both on mother-desktop and had no problem on Organelle.

Likely culprit is a missing external… can you plug in a hdmi monitor and see if there are any error messages when the patch loads on the organelle?

Good suggestion. Forgot about the hdmi out. Will try this tonight.

I was being a numpty and using Pd_extended. Thanks for the pointer @spoitras

No worries, you can grab the externals you need already compiled for the organelle over here:

Thanks for all replies. this post help me too..

thanks for sharing…so useful