Pd 0.49-test-2 is out!



I see a new version of PD is available, which has got some serious goodies:

  • Save state for abstractions. you can now use the same abstraction with variables inside and they will be independant of each other. Before if you save one abstraction, you save the setting in all abstractions.

  • On top of that, IOhannes intelligent patching. It works. :slight_smile:

  • Oh yeah, not to mention UNLIMITED undo…

"5.1. release notes
------------------ 0.49-0 ------------------------------

“Undo” and “Redo” menu items now may be repeated to undo/redo more than one successive edit. This feature was introduced by Jonathan Wilkes and ported to Pd vanilla by Johannes Zmoelnig.

Various editing shotuct, also from Johannes.

Search path handling made easier and more consistent between user preferences, “declare” objects and command line flags. See help file for the “declare” object.

A “savestate” object allows abstractions to be designed so that they can save state information as part of the calling patch.

“Pointer” object has a “delete” method

“Text”, “array”, and “scalar” objects have the same methods (bang and “send”) for outputting pointers to themselves

“Declare” -path & -lib flags now search user search paths

Opening patches from menu, command line, or messages to “pd” first check of the file is already open and if so only bring the existing patch to front.

4 million point default limit on resizing soundfile read to array changed to 2^31-1 (about 2 billion) samples

Changes to audio I/O handling to time out if device freezes (as when you unplug a USB device in MACOSX).

Backslashes may now be typed into object/message boxes. They escape following “$”, “,” and “;” characters.

  • Are there any chance that Organelle would be updated to run a newer version of pd sometime down the road?



That intelligent patching looks pretty useful!


yeah, that patching looks great … look forward to it being available.

is there a release date for 49 yet?

Ive been running 48.0 on my dev Organelle for nearly a year now, without any issues, detailed here

Pd-0.48.0 ("") compiled 15:55:28 Sep 23 2017

we talked about releasing 48 with OS 3.0, but for some reason decided against it.
( I think because there I found a couple of issues, that meant the factory patches would ‘need fixing’ (see post above) , but honestly I cant remember now.)

once Pd-0.49 is released I’ll no doubt do the same again … just need to remember how i did it last time :slight_smile:
but I still have the build tree so that should be easy enough.

(perhaps ping me when you see 49 released, in case i don’t spot it… i dont follow pd news )

I’ll then test to see if the issue we had was resolved, but if not, I think we just have to accept thats the way PD is going forward, and adapt patches accordingly (its nothing new, for pd patches to have to workaround pd bugs )

I guess it would go in a new OS release, as it’d get very confusing if users start running different versions of PD on the same ‘OS’… as incompatible patches might start appearing. (ones using PD 47+ features) , but thats for C&G to decide.


answering myself a bit here :slight_smile:

so looks like 24 Sept, or end of year.

having a look at pd source, theres a lot of activity, so hard work is going on.

there are also 10 bugs/issues/features that are scheduled for PD 49
4 are bugs, so I guess will have to be fixed for release - 1 is ‘wont fix’, and the other 5 are features, so I guess could be postponed.
(of course no guarantees that this list is complete … or that testing wont find more issues)

but looks like it might happen in a couple of weeks :slight_smile:


It is already available, I all ready tested it, there is a test version. I tested both the intelligent patching and some other things, it seems to work fine.


There was a bug with saving, which I raported to the mailing list and it was fixed the day after. They work quickly :=)

And on top of that there is also the new auto-complete search function, by Henri Augusto; if you start typing in the name of an object you can then push the “tab” button, and PD will show a list with the objects that has those letters in the name… So its a lot easier “falling over new objects” exploring and so on, and over all just finding what you need… For this to work follow instructions from here, Its pretty simple, you just need to download the newest deken through deken and the auto complete works.

Pd is bloooooming :slight_smile:


… And Thanks I will check the 0.48 install thread :slight_smile:


apparently PD 0.49-0 is now released (25 Sept)

when I get time I’ll build it for the organelle and see if there are any compatibility issues.
in particular i’ll check to see if it still contains the small issue with startup sequence that made some of the early C&G patches crash… which is what stopped me releasing 48.

the breaking change can be worked around, in the patches, but this would required C&G to revisit these patches - its a simple change though, perhaps @oweno would accept a pull request on the C&G patches repo if the change was made?!
(the change is backwards compatible with earlier versions of PD, so wouldn’t break those using the old PD)

doing this would give us a strategy for updating PD in an OS release.


sure! although we are happy to take care of it too, I think it was pretty simple. something in the metronome sub patch, like it started sending out midi clock immediately and adding a little loadbang delay fixed it


Would this make a lot of present And previous user patches unusable without changes too, or just a few? Or is there something particular in the early c&g patches?


Yeah lets get that PD update, its like patching in the dark ages, using that ooooold version of PD. For the new versions, there are both 32 bit and 64 bit to choose from. I mean both could run on organelle right? So its mostly about backwards compatibility, I guess.


As @oweno said , only thing I found was an issue with sending out midi clock as the patch was starting - so it’s a small cahnge and quite specific.
3rd party patches might have this if they copied metro but can be easily fixed.

Of course not tested all other patches, but ones I’ve tried were ok on 48, and of course mine are fine :slight_smile:


ok, so Ive got PD 0.49.0 compiled and running on my Organelle :fireworks:

a quick test indicate no issues with C&G patches or Orac, audio and midi seem fine.
(even incompatibility issue introduced in 48 seems to have been fixed :crossed_fingers: )

I need to do some more tests (on my vanilla organelle), to check that the CPU load has not increased, or anything else odd is happening either due to PD 0.49 or my build of it.
but so far its looking positive.

Ive provided the build to C&G so they can also take a look on a spare Organelle, and check they are happy with it.

I guess if tests are positive then we can :
a) release it as a package, either on the C&G website, or patchstorage (TBD)
b) later release as part of an OS update.

if we do (a) then if you use newer features of PD in a patch you’d have to let your users know.

if you dont use new objects etc, e.g. you just use editing features, then a PD 0.49 patch should still run on the old PD e.g. I used PD 0.48 for all Orac development, despite the user’s organelle being on pd 0.46.7
so bearing this in mind, you can already use Pd 0.49 on your desktops (pc/mac) for the new editing features, I know i am :wink:

I guess we should also keep an eye on the PD dev lists, incase they decide to release a minor update, though its very quick/easy for me to rebuild an updated pd package if needed.


Alwys hard at work :wink:
Thanks for pushing forward!! Fingers crossed for new stuff…