Pd Extended Objects for Organelle

We just put up all the objects from Pd Extended compiled and ready to use for the Organelle!

A while back we built Pd Extended for the Organelle, but didn’t find it as reliable as vanilla Pd, so we defaulted to using regular old Pd and then compiling external objects as needed.

You can download these extra objects here:

(or a zip https://github.com/critterandguitari/Organelle_pd_extra/archive/master.zip)

I don’t expect any of the GEM / visual stuff to work, and haven’t really tried, but go for it if you are feeling brave!

Instructions from the Readme:


External objects from pd-extended compiled for Pd on the Organelle.

How to use

Inside the pd-extended folder are many libraries of objects and associated help patches.

Objects may be copied into your patch folder as they are needed. Alternatively the whole set may be copied onto the root folder of USB drive and the individual libraries imported using the [declare] object.

So the USB drive would look like this:


Then to use, for example, the counter object from the cyclone library, your patch would do this:

[declare -path …/…/pd-extended/cyclone]

For deploying / distributing / sharing patches it might be better to actually copy the needed objects into your patch folder so it is self-contained, this way the patch will work even if someone doesn’t have all the objects copied to their USB drive.


Thanks for this. I’ve made progress with Pure Data on subsequently installing PD extended on my Mac (at least I got sound in and out with some reverb!). My Tremolo patterns patch will be a while away yet me thinks.

Organelle should be here in next day or two to encourage me though.

I’ve been working hard on a custom patch and recently implemented the “bucket” object. I have been having some issues with my patch since this modification and I believe it is probably related. I downloaded this zip file and put the bucket.pd_extended in the patch folder but still no luck. The patch runs fine on the desktop with the mother patch. Any thoughts? Am I missing something with the implementation of extended objects?

You mentioned the file bucket.pd_extended. I’m not sure about this file, but the file you want to include in your patch folder is bucket.pd_linux (which is the Pd object compiled for Organelle). Did you try this?

Yes, I have included this file in the patch folder (I just wrote the wrong thing in my previous post). I have only been able to troubleshoot on my laptop. I only have an apple keyboard and it is not recognized by the organelle…

I have also created a duplicate patch folder and removed the bucket object from the patch and the rest of the patch is functioning properly. I am using the bucket object as part of a logic to engage the patch when a key is pressed, and only stop the patch when a key press is repeated. This way the patch can be engaged and other notes played to transpose the sound without disengaging the patch.

Is there a specific way to address extended objects in the patch? I currently just use “bucket” and have tried “Bucket”


I’ve been trying to run Shreeswifty’s adaptation of the Rungler which uses Pd extended. I downloaded the .zip file for the Pd extended objects for Organelle and copied them to my USB drive’s root folder. I think I did it right. However, I have been unable to run the patch (named benjoline in patches folder). What am I doing wrong? Any guidance you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Fixed it. Downloaded Shreeswifty’s Pd extended folder and it’s working.

Sorry about that. i had to do some shenanigans to load some specific libs. Glad it’s working!


Thank you, Sir! You do some wonderful work. I should have copied your Pd extended folder to begin with. It works great! I’m especially digging XENAKIS.

is that different from the standard one?

Not so sure. All I know is I downloaded the linked .zip from Github but benjoline didn’t work. I ditched that one and downloaded the one Shreeswifty posted on a public dropbox folder on patchstorage. Benjoline worked after that. It did seem to be an overall larger download and he mentioned he had to load some additional libs. @shreeswifty, could you weigh in. I’m very inexperienced with this stuff. I just purchased the Organelle and know very little about the differences between the two packages. Thanks, guys.

my version just has a few extra libraries in it that you need for benjoline but it also has the full C&G compiled pd-extended. Future versions shouldnt always need it but those first annoying ones do. it wont prevent you from running any other ones that require it. Think of it as pd-extended + :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the clarification!
So, the source of your version (and future versions) will be via a link on Patchstorage?

i assume the C&G ones are goingto stay as they are mine will get updates as i add more externals. i’ll warn folks when you need new ones. For example: yesterday i added a bunch of Eric Lyon’s pd-potpourri objects and the classic FFTease by Eric Lyon and Christopher Penrose. I wanted to make sure they were compiled against the Organelle some of them are in the folder but there are too many to list so I’ll probably move them soon


@shreeswifty i couldn’t find your version on patchstorage. can you please post here the link to your objects? thank you so much. lukas

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@shreeswifty Echoing the comment above, is there a link to your version somewhere? I’ve searched but can’t find one – thanks man!

After searching for a good long while, I finally tracked it down in a comment on patchstorage! It’s here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jw5wfrfswm25e53/pd-extended.zip?dl=0

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No longer there. 404 :frowning:

i am about to make a new set of them that will include working versions of many that were not instantiating. Hang tight, should only be a day or so

Any update? Thank you~