PD Vanilla download?

Hi all, I’m trying to get a toe wet with PD. I’d like to eventually load Organelle patches to a windows environment so I can start the learning process, which I expect will be slow. I’m stuck at step one however – actually obtaining a copy of PD Vanilla. All the sites point to the official Miller Puckette pages (http://msp.ucsd.edu). But I can’t get to this site at all. Does anyone know the story here? Has it been down long? Is there an alternate? I’d prefer to get Windows Portable v.48-1 as referenced here: http://puredata.info/downloads/pure-data. Thanks…

apparently there was scheduled maintenance on the ucsd.edu site yesterday, so its probably just a knock on from that… so hopefully will be back soon(ish) - perhaps try a bit later.
(not sure if the bank holiday is going to confuse the situation, if the maintenance caused an unexpected / undetected problem)

only other official way to get a copy would be to download the source and build it, but unless you have a dev environment setup thats not trivial… Id not recommend downloading from an unofficial source.

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Thanks, it’s back up. Guess I just have amazing timing.

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