Pink Mode

Hi Just tried out pink-mode - found it very percussive/hard-‘attack’ with low volume and very quiet sustain - it sounds quite unlike the video.
I am using the organelle speaker, and have tried changing the volume etc. it is slightly better through headphones but still not great.

Am I doing anything wrong?

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PS It occurs to me that maybe pink mode is intended to sequence another synth via midi or orac?

Have you tried adjusting the tuning and velocity knobs? The velocity setting will set the next note played/entered into sequencer.

After we made the video, we had to change some of the synthesis to make it more efficient so you’re right, the patch won’t sound exactly like the video - sorry about that. Maybe we’ll make the sequencer an Orac module so it can be used with more voices…


+1 for Orac implementation!


Here is a video

The tuning and velocity don’t seem to affect this ‘thump’ Apart from the velocitymaking the sounds quieter .

I’m trying to send Midi out to an external synth (Casio CZ500) with pink mode in Orac but no luck.
S2 Midi out is on. Ch 1 out midi ch. on 1 Ch2 out midi ch. on 2. Ch3 out midi ch. on 3.
Midi ch on Casio CZ is set on 1.
I successfully send midi out with patches like polybeats and pink mode but not when I’m in Orac.
Anyone has an idea of what I should do ?
Thanks !

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