Pitch tracking possibilities

Hi there!

I’m getting a bit lost in the possibilities of pitch tracking on an Organelle and what would fit best for my needs.

I want to implement a pitch tracker in a patch for live playing, so preferably with low latency. So basically I want the organelle to detect the incoming pitch + trigger an (external) sampler by sending out the note information and if possible the envelope of the incoming audio. I’ve been tweaking the sigmund~ object with the note output for a bit but didn’t get very accurate results yet and I’m not sure which parameters to adjust to get a more accurate detection.

Sidenote, I’m playing the double bass, so I’m aware this doesn’t make the pitchtracking much easier :slight_smile: yet I would like to find out how close I can get to an accurate/useful system to trigger and interact with my sampler.

Any thoughts/ideas/experiences/recommendations on what objects/abstracts or combination of objects I should use? If there are any threads out there that cover the topic more (though I couldn’t find them yet) or certain patches to dig into, feel free to share!

Thanks in advance!

Have you seen this patch:


Might be a start