Plundering Vanilla


It’s a quick port, I think we’re on our own to try and connect some thingamajigs and try to make it happen!


ah right fair play i’ll have go


Lemme know if you get it! I’m 40 pages in to Designing Sound so I’ll have a go too!


Just had a look and things seem to be hooked up ok, i mean i haven’t really a clue but it looks like it should work :confused:


You did read it and read that it requires a midi input right???


I mean you picked the patch, not i


just hooked up my Midi keyboard to Benedict XVI and it works like a charm here.

Dominus Vobiscum


the organelle keyboard sends midi notes to patches just like an external one though doesn’t it?
do the parameter controls have to be sent by CC on Ch1 too?
looking forward to trying with keyboard tomorrow :slight_smile:


Ooops, I was right in my ignorance, you were magnanimous, all extol Shree!!

I took another lap as instructed, got distracted mangling, grooving and stretching again and again, and I am back to fix my mistakes.

This is Vanilla alright, and granular as I think you like 'em:


i saw JAGs the other day and thought hmmm a fun granular patch —you know i love them, well…JAGS is referred to in my initial explanation of TIME, it’s too darn processor intensive for organelle.

#28 (608.7 KB)

try this one instead


the Benedict XVI works with midi keys but I would love it if those knobs did something. such a great sound.


I’m terribly sorry to say that this particular experiment seems to have failed. I’m afraid the sound turned out to be very crackly. I’m guessing it requires more processing power than there is in the blue box.

however, I’m very grateful for your valiant efforts. thank you. so much. : )


i used the benedict with midi and all the knobs do stuff


oh. okay. I only have midi notes to use.


its’ an FFT based chorus effect yes i saw that, sorry man


I decided to have a look at the patch. and then I thought a bit, walked to eat sushi while thinking about it, came back and scratched my head a bit and finally I think I have managed to get the keys and knobs working without needing a midi input.

it’s my FIRST THING EVER done with PD :open_mouth:

(yeah, I know just a little edit, but hey …)

if anyone wants it it’s here. or wannop and yeahsometimes may be wanting to try and do it themselves —>

SBBJ-benedictXVI (8.9 KB)




test it against this one
I made some adjustments and i think i added everything that could be
This would be a good way to test to see if you got it right.
It’s a really nice sounding organ. I like it easily as much as the other one
We should add Leslie to it (9.7 KB)

Orac: a how to video - which patch shall I convert?

I tried those connections but at that stage I hadn’t realized that I needed to save my changes in PD in order for them to take effect (gah!). that was my biggest problem. then I ended up going a bit more of a long way round and stupidly didn’t go back and try that way again. also, i didn’t put in ‘unpack 0 0’ after ‘r notes’, yet it worked without it. does that affect the polyphony? I’ll test more later.


it’s definitely a mighty beast!